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what I call "Dark Text"

I wrote these a long time ago during a bout of depression, comment is invited:

The Hill

My life is like a giant hill and I am constantly pushing a
huge rock up it. Unless I always push and never give up, the rock
comes rolling back all the way to the bottom and if I'm not
careful it crushes me. So I always have to struggle and force
myself to keep pushing that rock all the time or risk losing what
I've accomplished. It's a really, really big rock.


I don't belong in "their" world. "They" being everyone other
than me. They live in a world of light and hope, while I dwell
in shadow and darkness. It's all I know, why change what is
comfortable, or do I hate it. Part of me must or I would have
succumb to my twisted impulses long ago.

Anger 1

Anger is the fuel which ignites my soul and burns my core.
It consumes me, engulfing my being, trying to take over, yet
never overcoming me. I struggle on day by day, the anger locked
tight below, but always lingering. Only in brief, fleeting
moments does the anger come to the surface. Fits of intense
rage, pain being dulled, feeling strong, powerful. Most often
vented in the form of breaking and smashing bottles or pieces of
wood. Then after just a short while it subsides, but the anger
always awaits inside me. Waiting for the next quick moment of

Anger 2

Anger is the fire which fuels my heart and burns away at my
soul. It rages on, barely controllable, as if driving on an icy
rode. I could lose traction and go flying over the edge at any

The Cycle Repeats

So it begins again, the cycle anew. Will it ever cease.
Little changes, my world so limited, so fragile, fractured by the
tiniest pebble. How do I reinforce the infrastructure, how do I
strengthen the supports. Can they be strengthened. The answer
has to be yes. For I've come this far. Still I linger, even if
splintered and worn.
Nice work. I like the "cycle repeats" and "anger" sections.

Thanks for sharing. Big Grin


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