Makestation Design

Makestation's theme is designed fully in-house! Our primary theme is called Core/Radiance (or otherwise titled Makestation Light). We also have Monokai, the dark version of our design (created by Lain).

Official Designs:
    Default/Primary Design: Darth-Apple and his sidekick (Simlink)
    Mokokai: Dark version (Lain)
    These themes are responsive for most pages. They are optimized for both mobile devices and for desktop browsing!

Alternative Designs:
    Core T7: Our old design, used from 2014 to 2019.
    Station Green: A green variant of Core T7.
    These themes are not responsive. They may not be optimal for mobile browsing.

Header background: Credit/Attribution
Page background: Credit/Attribution
Logo: Created by Jordan Mussi. Adapted by Simlink.
Copyright: Makestation team © 2013-2020

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