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Guardian September 21st, 2020
Get to posting. Will be soliciting nominations for Member of the Month here in a couple of days.
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Thomas September 4th, 2020
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Guardian August 31st, 2020
New MotM poll is up. Go vote!
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Electric2Shock August 29th, 2020
Great to see Guardian and a few more familiar faces still hanging around! Happened to come across this website by pure chance, and I just had to log in and say hi. Hope someone still remembers me from way back then.
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Guardian August 3rd, 2020
3 more days to vote for Member of the Month: http://makestation.net/thread-3127.html
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  Reorganization in Progress
Posted by: Darth-Apple - April 21st, 2020 at 1:25 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (5)

We're doing some Spring cleaning. Major reorganization is in progress!

We've grown significantly in recent years, so it's time for our layout to reflect the direction that we are moving towards today. You'll notice a lot of things are moving. Some boards will be in new places. Others will be new entirely. Overall, we're working to balance things out and to make room for the popular topics in the community.

How do you guys like it so far? As always, any feedback is welcome and much appreciated. All suggestions will be considered. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Smile

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  Suggestions for [Simmania]
Posted by: Darth-Apple - April 16th, 2020 at 3:10 AM - Forum: Simmania Tribute - Replies (2)

Have ideas, feedback, or suggestions for the SM-Tribute section? Share them here!

This section is in honor of a community that was an inspiration beyond words. It was so much more, and was the foundation for which we were built. Simmania is unfortunately no longer with us, but we've been growing this section as much as possible to try and pay our honors. It's a tribute to a community that will never be forgoten. Smile

Anyway, it's clear that we have quite a few Cities:Skylines players here. We will add some boards for this section once it grows a little more (probably once it reaches 1K posts). We've already got it at the very top of the forum (along with our special city journals section), so we've done a lot to try to expand this. Many thanks to everyone who has made this possible! 

Anyway, we are open to all suggestions here. This section is a high priority, so we will work hard to grow it. In fact, in recent months, we've nearly doubled the content here (and it shows no signs of stopping). Finna Big Grin

Please shoot your ideas our way! Makestation needs them! @brian51 


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  Help a fellow forum out.
Posted by: SpookyZalost - April 15th, 2020 at 9:02 PM - Forum: Other Communites & Promotion - Replies (7)

it's the final round of a battle of websites over at forum promotion and a forum called meowsepad is tied for first place.  Unfortunately some sour grapes are heckling both the community and the owner and their website/forum.  If anyone is a member there and has enough posts to participate I'd really appreciate it if you could vote for meowsepad.  They're a community much like our own and could use our help!
thanks for reading.

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  20,000 Posts!
Posted by: Guardian - April 12th, 2020 at 11:16 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (11)

Makestation has officially hit 20,000 posts!

A big congratulations to the community, we could not have made it this far without you. Thank you all, for those that post a lot, and even for those that do more lurking. Its the combined community involvement that has made the Makestation community a great place to be.

This has been a great year for the forum so far. I look forward to seeing you all around during the next big milestone!

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  MyBB Status Updates (in development)
Posted by: Darth-Apple - February 29th, 2020 at 8:37 PM - Forum: MyBB Related - Replies (16)

Status Updates - Advanced Status Feed

Update May 2, 2020: I'm currently in finals week at university. Development will be resuming within about a week. Please check back soon!

We're working on a brand new plugin for MyBB to allow profile comments, status updates, and more. And firstly, it's actually mostly written! It's installed here in its full form. A little buggy, don't worry, we will be fixing that. Smile

What makes this plugin very unique is that it is the ONLY MyBB status/profile comment plugin that supports replies. Yaldaram had one many years back. It is now gone, and no longer available or supported. 

We also have statuses show up on the postbit, and have a special "community wall" with all status updates. It's going to be a fully featured plugin by the time that we are finished developing it. 

What's already implemented:

  • Replies! In addition to writing statuses on your own profiles (or other user's profiles), you can reply to them. It's a unique feature to our plugin here. No other plugin (that I am aware of) supports this. 
  • Built in alerts. (They are fully featured and actively being improved) 
  • Support for user profiles, index page, portal page, and a standalone page. 
  • Built in Jquery and ajax. (Will be expanded upon significantly.)
  • Highly configurable. 17 settings already, even in the dev version. 
  • Similar features to Profile Comments/MyProfile. Write a status on your own profile, or on another user's profile.
To be Completed:
  • Add a like button. (Done) 
  • Provide proper myalerts integration (and expand native alerts as well). 
  • Moderator CP report functionality. 
  • More ajax. Remove the redirect when you add or edit a new status. Make it appear instantly.  (Done)
  • Style the postbit (under the avatar) statuses much better. (Done) 
  • Make the "Community Wall" page much nicer. Add sorting by user, date, most liked, etc. into the mix. 
  • Add a "buddy list only" sorting functionality so that you can either get notified when a buddy posts, or only see those posts on a special page. 
  • Twitter-like hashtags? Tongue
The tentative release date for this new plugin is June of this year. BAM was ahead of its release schedule during development and ended up being released early. There is a possibility we will release the status feed early as well. We shall see, we will release it when it's ready. Smile

What I need for contributions are: 
  • Feedback and ideas. I can't know what features are needed (or how they are used) unless real forums share some insight on what they need! (Really can't stress this one enough. Trust me, it helps me as a developer quite a bit. Smile )
  • 3-4 people who will commit to helping test the beta version when it's released. (I currently have one comitted tester already. If you would like to join the testing team in the next few months, please reach out! )
  • Some styling help. If you can come up with a few CSS or template edits on what we have here that will make them look awesome, please reach out! Design is not necessarily my strongest area, so I'm open to any contributions of any kind. Finna 

Screenshots (so far):
[Image: PdfD3.png]

[Image: ytyRJ.png]

[Image: 4ekUN.png]

Please stay tuned for more details. We are looking at around a 4 month development frame for this. And it will be an exciting release when it's time to push it forward! It might not be quite as polished as the profile comments plugin (or some other plugins that have been released that are similar), but I hope that we can still pull together and have a nice plugin to release soon. Smile

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Posted by: Darth-Apple - November 6th, 2013 at 1:58 AM - Forum: Photography & Graphics - Replies (40)

Fonts can make a surprisingly big difference on the overall appearance and feel of any logo, signature, ad, or anything else of that nature. I personally will easily spend a lot of time trying out different fonts and looking with different contexts to see which ones I prefer to use in my designs.

Right now, Verdana and Lucida Handwriting are my favorites. As for the others that are available, I usually just "feel them out" and try whatever looks nice.

What are the fonts that you find yourself using frequently in graphics design?

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