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Forum Rules & Guidelines
Welcome to Makestation! We are a community aimed at making it possible for users to share any creative projects they have worked on, being in a community full of like minded souls! In order to keep all discussion civil, constructive, and free of uncontrolled chaos, we have a few guidelines that we have set. We ask all users to read these rules, as we will enforce them to improve the overall community. Smile

Basic, site-wide guidelines
  • All content must abide by a PG-13 rating. Any content that is racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic, illegal, slanderous, or insulting in any way is prohibited, and will be removed on first sight. This includes posting of pornography or links to such website, etc. etc.
  • Some mild, responsible use of language is allowed. We try to be fairly laid back around here, but please refrain from using language heavily in any of the public sections of the forum, just in the interest of keeping things friendly and professional for the public and for some of our younger members as well. If you wanna go a little overboard, check out the mature discussions section and join the "downstairs" group. It's a separate 18+ section where we're a little more lenient.
  • Posting illegal content, game cracks, etc. is strongly prohibited on our forums. We aren't a black hat forum or a pirate bay fansite. Take your illegal cracks elsewhere. Tongue
  • You are allowed one account on the forums per person, unless expressively given permission by an administrator. Clone accounts may be subject to removal. In no situation is a clone account allowed to evade a ban.
  • Public forum drama and/or disrespect/harassment towards members is prohibited. If you have a personal vandetta with a member, we ask that you take the matter to private messages instead of posting publicly on the forums.
  • You must be 13 years of age or over to register and participate on Makestation. Our moderators and admins are required to enforce this for legal reasons, according to the COPPA act in US law.

Regarding spam and low quality content
  • Spamming advertisements, links, etc. is prohibited. Posts that appear to be from spambots will be deleted, and the poster will be permabanned from the forums to prevent further spam.
  • Double posting (posting multiple posts in a row without allowing other users to reply in between) is generally prohibited. However, if you are updating a thread or project that is your own, or the posts are more than 24 hours apart, it is generally considered acceptable to double post with a good reason.
  • Posting low quality posts and/or spam is prohibited. Examples of low quality content include:
    • Plez help me sir master find the exit to forum
    • Come pleese join my forum!!!
    • u dont use xenforo u r bad admin !
    • Hmm no respond.
  • Other examples of low quality content include:
    • Posting in a topic, discussion, or debate without reading the OP (original post).
    • Posting consistently with one or two word posts on the forums.
    • Posting low quality content to increase your post count or to gain station cash.
    • Plagiarizing content
    • Posting consistently for no other intent than to advertise. (Advertisements are generally allowed, but ordinary content guidelines are still enforced. See below for more information on advertisements on our forums. )
  • Plagiarism is not allowed on our forums. If plagiarism is discovered, the post will be removed and the poster may be subject to a ban on the forums.

Advertising, signatures, and avatars

Makestation is a creative arts and discussion community. With that in mind, we generally do allow members to advertise their websites and their projects. Generally, advertising is acceptable as long as users are not posting spam-like content on the forums and are not advertising projects that don't line up with our rules. Acceptable ways to advertise include:
  • Posting a thread in the advertisement section.
  • Creating a small signature link or using a small promotional banner. Promotional banners are not allowed to extend beyond the width of 768 pixels or the height of 80 pixels. This is to prevent signatures from breaking the page or looking overly bulky on the forums. Overall, you may utilize your signature for advertising however you'd like, so long as your signature size is kept within reason. Multiple full sized banners, for example, is an obvious no.

General avatar, signature, and advertisement rules include:
  • Don't use your avatar as an advertisement.
  • There is no size limit on avatars. The forum will automatically resize large avatars. However, all uploaded avatars must be PG-13 and inappropriate avatars are not allowed on the forums.
  • You may advertise websites that aren't your own. However, don't claim another website as your own. This should be fairly self explanatory.
  • Do not excessively bump advertisement threads on the forums. Generally, once a week is considered acceptable if useful/interesting information is presented with each bump. Bumping daily with basic statistics is considered spam.
  • You must have a minimum of 15 posts on the forums before you are permitted to create a new thread in the Other Communities section. This rule was recently added due to some previous abuse in this section.
  • Do not use Makestation to drop links for SEO or for internet marketing related websites, or for any website that may be interpreted as delivering malicious content or to be part of a scam. Such content is almost always considered as spam and/or low quality content, and is not tolerated here.
  • Linking to malicious websites or websites that are not PG-13 are prohibited. Failure to abide by this policy will result in a warning or ban being administered to the poster.

General forum etiquette.
  • Getting along well with members of the forum involves participating in discussions in a civil manner. Flaming, trolling, or otherwise demeaning any member here is strictly prohibited, and will be given a warning on first sight.
  • Read the OP (original post) before you reply. It helps! Tongue
  • Unlike other forums, we aren't all that strict about duplicate discussions. However, do search for discussions that are active before you create a topic to ensure that active duplicates aren't created on the forums. If a duplicate of an already active thread is created, a moderator will most likely merge the two threads for convenience purposes.
  • Philosophical, religious, and political debates are openly welcomed in the Philosophy & Debates and Current Events boards. In order to protect open and free discussion, we ask that all users be respectful of other user's opinions, even if they disagree. Debates that become uncivil will be removed or locked by one of our staff members.
  • Be constructive! We do not require that all feedback be strictly positive, but nonconstructive and demeaning behavior could offend members of our community, and is prohibited. Behavior that might be considered unconstructive or provocative towards any member on the forums will not be accepted.
  • Don't feed trolls. Report the post instead.
  • We've tried to make these rules and guidelines relatively inclusive and informative. That said, finding loopholes and causing trouble won't be encouraged. If you are causing trouble and/or drama in the community, you will be considered to be breaking the forum rules by the staff.

  • Staff positions are not granted upon request. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, active contributions on the forums, strict abidence to the rules, and a generally good attitude may make you look desirable when the administration is "hiring." Smile
  • All staff members here are volunteers, working hard to improve the community. With that said, failure to respect a staff member's decision will result in a ban or a warning from an administrator.

Besides that, good behavior in the forums is more or less common sense. Enjoy the makestation community!

[Updated 10 November 2014]
[Updated 10 August 2014]
[Updated 1 May 2017]
-Site staff
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Together, we can make something awesome...
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Glad to see the forum rules/guidelines updated. A step in the right direction Smile.
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