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Ethnic Background?

What is your ethnic background? Where did you mother's side of the family originate from? Your fathers?
on my mothers side it's Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English, Blackfeet, from my grandfather. Then Polish, Lithuanian, German from my grandmother on that side.

From my father... that I'm aware of it's French and Cherokee. but I don't really associate much so I'm not entirely sure.

What I do know is that my grandfather's mother was the daughter of a blackfeet chieften. and on his anglo side we're distantly related to the Scotts of Wales.

On my grandmother's side we have the Louxembourgers of Louxembourg germany from the german heritage. and the Polish/Lithuanian part is descended from Radu Teeps (Radu the handsome) The younger brother of Vlad Teeps aka Vlad the Impaler. I don't know the full details and only found out the connection to Dracula in the last few years but I do know that prior to coming to America they were Gypsies that were escaping Europe. They eventually merged with the Louxembourger descendent group in a town in Pensylvania, my great great grandfather of whom was the mayor. At some point after that my great grandmother lost the family fortune to a scam artist and so my family has been poor ever since... though I'm working to fix that these days as I try to climb up the ladder.
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