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The Band-O-Gear: My solution to handy pockets and storage.

I know that Bandoliers exist but they aren't designed for what I needed.  I know utility belts exist but they sit upon the waist.  So why not combine both?  Thus one of my projects that I'm always working on is a storage solution that's easy to wear, handy to have, and easy to tinker with.  The Band-O-Gear, a bandolier of pockets and storage!

Here's the original design I came up with based on using a belt as a bandolier and modifying it.
[Image: bchUJBS.png]

It was based on this idea from a cross country Bicycling bag that used to be a thing in the early 2000's.
[Image: qCPxjjn.png]

I took that and ran with it making my own since I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere.
[Image: G9UZRQwl.png]  [Image: UFZjibVl.png]

And as a first version of it so far I have no complains other than it tends to not stay where I want it and shift around as I move.

but I'm working on a Rev 2.

Some notes I have are A: find a way to make it more stable for long duration use. B: Better pocket design (recently learned to work with leather so I'm going to try it out as a material.) and C: more pocket variety... also a larger rear bag and maybe something like a camel back. Gods know I get thirsty tinkering on something for hours and having it right there would be nice.

Also thinking of making Rev 2 a Cross bandolier instead of a single one to add additional pocket attachment points.
[Image: kbhc0gNl.png]

Like this but with various pouches/pockets for holding stuff.
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