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Do you invest?

I have some money invested currently, and am trying to build it up. It's been a bit of a weird year to try to invest since the stock market has been in a bear market for several months (really, about a year). Lately I've still been investing in certain companies that I think will do well in a recession, and have been investing in apps like Acorns as well (where they can invest roundups into bonds and popular ETFs automatically). 

Do you invest or use any investment apps? What is your strategy for 2023?

During this time with Corona, Ukraine Russia War is too unsafe. The stock market is in the basement, hardly any profits with too much risk. Credit interest rates rise and saving interest rates remain at 0.8 %, is simply ridiculous. I have higher costs for account and savings book than I get interest. Inflation in Austria is now 10.6 % madness, the only thing I have is gold. That has currently increased in value. We also have land that we only bought as an investment. I try to split my profits immediately for tax reasons, i.e. I can give up to € 50,000 money tax -free to my "children" or to give them on their savings books. I invest the rest in building my new trade

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I sold my house in 2021 and put the equity in the stock market. I proceeded to lose $85k between then and August. I was trying to buy a new house so I pulled everything out so I could guarantee the down payment and not kill a deal. Now its went back up and I didn't close any deals. Tongue I got screwed massively.

UP until this year though I was doing relatively decent in Index Funds. Besides the one crazy year for me I've actually walked away flush. I also have bought 3 properties in cash with the equity I was able to retain so it hasn't been all too bad. Granted, the market is crazy and inconsistent, that's the main reason I've been shifting to real estate. I have a formula I adhere to when vetting properties to ensure I can recoup all expenses on a house in 10 years and have pure equity. It's much easier to do in low cost of living areas.
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No, I don't - simply because having lots of money isn't important to me, but having lots of spare time is.

Thus, getting into investing would go completely against my priorities in life.
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No, I would never do that, the risk is too high for me!
I actually earn more than enough, my wife too, that's exactly how I invest my money in gold, but that's no risk!

The real estate market is heating up. The Bundesbank is already talking about a bubble - but there are still buyers. But, says financial mathematician Andreas Beck, they are making "a high-risk investment".

The good concrete gold - whether as an investment or your own home, many Germans continue to rely on real estate. The market has therefore been heating up for years, especially in metropolitan regions such as Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. There, the Bundesbank reported in the spring, bubbles had already formed.

According to the Bundesbank's analysis, the prices there are 30 percent too high. "They aren't all that wrong with that," says financial mathematician Andreas Beck. He also sees a dramatic overvaluation. His verdict: Anyone who is still flirting with the purchase of real estate is making a "high-risk investment".

Real estate prices will soon come under pressure from demographics
Beck gives three reasons for this. First, the prices have run away extremely. "The rental yields are no longer in proportion to this," says Beck. In addition, the market would only accept the prices because of the extremely low mortgage rates.

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