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CoffeeZilla vs. Logan Paul

CoffeeZilla is a popular youtuber who investigates scams and shady practices from other creators, criminals, scammers, and large companies (he recently even managed to get SBF to accidentally admit to fraud in a long phone call interview, which is now on YouTube). 

Recently, CoffeeZilla investigated Logan Paul for a cryptocurrency rug pull (a common type of scam on DeFi where the owner of the token pumps up the price and leads people to believe that the coin will be successful long term, only to sell a significant amount of their holdings when the price is up and to crash the price of the token.) What was interesting in this case was that the token was not publicly available when Logan Paul and the development team started purchasing their tokens, which meant that they could buy them at an extremely low price before anyone else was able to know that the token existed. This pretty much guaranteed that they were going to make a lot of money when the price went up, provided they didn't manage to sabotage themselves in the process (which, since they apparently hired criminals to do the development process, didn't quite work out as planned). 

What's really cringeworthy, however, is Logan Paul's reaction. It's pretty much entirely ad-hominem, attempting to attack CoffeeZilla's credibility while not actually debunking any of the allegations whatsoever. Furthermore, him admitting that "NFTs are just pictures" and that he "hired criminals to do the development process" isn't really a good look for him, especially since he spent so much time pumping up his NFTs as being more than this and was attempting to pass off the blame for the project's failures despite being the one responsible for it (hiring criminals doesn't exactly make YOU look better). 

I have mixed views about Logan Paul. I want to see him succeed and always like a good comeback story, but I have a feeling this controversy is probably going to be a bit harder to get rid of than he thinks. If he apologized and said "look, we hired criminals, we weren't aware that this was going to happen this way and we are sorry," the community might have been more forgiving (still not a good look, he should have known better, but it wouldn't have dug him into a deeper hole as he's doing now). But attacking CoffeeZilla publicly and then threatening baseless legal action isn't a particularly good look for him, and it's going to be something that's hard to backtrack for him.

Apparently, Reddit is absolutely roasting him for this too.

What are your thoughts?

I don't pay much attention to him because he annoys TF out of me but anything I see about him makes me LOATHE Logan Paul.

Anyone that still pays attention to him just feeds his ability to scam and exploit his fanbase. Its... mind-boggling.
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Yea it's not the first time he's encountered a lot of controversy. He ended up apologizing for the "impulsive reaction" and personally apologized to CoffeeZilla after announcing that he was not going to pursue legal action. Logan Paul had no legal grounds to do this anyway, he would have ended up shooting himself in the foot if he had tried to sue because the discovery process in the courts would have uncovered even more dirt on him.

The whole thing wasn't a very good look for him. I still respect him more than David Dobrik, who doesn't even know how to take responsibility for his actions at all. But Logan Paul still seems like he's... a bit impulsive for his age (to put it mildly).

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