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Sleep Depravation and Creativity

I've spent a lot of time writing songs over the years. The melodies and the instrumental parts usually come to me in bursts of inspiration and evolve as I'm recording the different parts, but lyrics are different in that I'll sit down and work on them for a few hours at a time. Sometimes there's writers block, and that can be a big challenge, especially when writing more poetic works. 

Over the past few years, I started purposefully writing more of my lyrics on days when I'm much more sleep deprived. I've noticed that it tends to reduce my inhibitions and I tend to be less critical of what I'm writing, which allows more creative lyrics and ideas to flow. I do, of course, have to revise them later, but sometimes the initial drafting process comes together much more easily. 

When do you find that you're the most creative? Have you ever tried writing through more tiredness than usual as a means of boosting creativity in your ideas?

I've suffered from insomnia for years, but it was caused by my 24-hour fire service. Unfortunately, even now that I've retired, I can't get rid of the insomnia. I am extremely active at night. I do all the online administrative work, lots of things related to Ben and his autism, writing applications, and like now, for my new side business, all the applications, accounting, etc., are done at night. That's where I have the best ideas :-)

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