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Forum Community Development Section

Hello all, 

We have a number of members here who have their own websites and communities. We consider this a type of "creative arts" - so we've always been very welcoming for users who want to promote their designs, websites, and communities. 

Being that a number of our members have projects in this arena, we're creating a new section to discuss general forum administration and community development. Feel free to create topics to collaborate with other members as well, or to discuss forum administration/community development in general! We are playing this section by ear, and will expand it and change it as needed, so feel free to get creative!

(Note that we have an official Other Communities section for promotion of your communities. If you're creating a promotional thread, see this section!)

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Sounds good Smile . I'll let you know if I have anything of value to say!
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#ForzaJules 1989-2015
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(December 29th, 2022 at 9:36 PM)Kyng Wrote: Sounds good Smile . I'll let you know if I have anything of value to say!

You have quite a bit of experience in this arena, TCH has been a huge success!


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