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YouTube now requires premium subscription for 8K

YouTube is now requiring a premium subscription for 8K videos, although 4K is still available for all users. This isn't really a big deal for the vast majority of users, 8K monitors are very rare (and even 4K monitors are much less common than 1080P displays are). 

I don't have any 4K monitors (retina display on a Mac 2560x1600 HiDPI), but I usually set the resolution to be the highest that YouTube allows just for the bitrate. Even though there isn't much of a visual difference between 1080p and 4k on such a small display, there are fewer artifacts from compression and other such things. It's less noticeable from 4k to 8K, but for those with larger monitors, I'm sure it might be more noticeable. 

Personally, I have no issue with YouTube doing this as long as they continue to allow 4K content for all users. What are your thoughts on YouTube premium?

honestly considering the hardware and storage requirements to maintain 8K video? I can believe it, it makes sense.
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This is the way most things are going, so not a surprise. Pay for Premium features. It does make sense a little.
Due to the increasing demand for content in extremely high quality, YouTube has announced that 8K videos will now require a premium subscription. This implies that in addition to paying for a subscription, 8K-compatible hardware, and a dependable internet connection, viewers who wish to experience the breathtaking clarity and detail of 8K material will also need to fulfil these requirements. This change is a result of YouTube's continuous attempts to give viewers the greatest viewing experience while bringing in more money for the platform, content creators, and both.
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