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(June 30th, 2023 at 10:52 PM)Kyng Wrote:
(June 22nd, 2023 at 11:20 AM)Guardian Wrote: I need to fire Banished up again. Haven't played in ages.

Well, if you do, I hope it goes better than my first attempt. 

(The one I posted is actually my second new village after a long time away from the game... in my first one, everyone froze during winter!)

Oh yeah, I usually kill everyone.  Cool
Well, I'm now up to 266 people in my current village.

Here's a screenshot, which shows just the central bit (there are, of course, plenty of farms and other buildings off the edges of the screen):

[Image: 5EF007EB0606EEEBD7361EE2F3DA9E9FE72B0939]

I'm doing well for most resources except stone. I only have one quarry... probably need to build another one!
[Image: pkmb0Gv.png]

#ForzaJules 1989-2015
Very nice. I've never gotten that big before I killed everyone. Tongue
Thanks Big Grin !

Now up to 434 people:

[Image: 19F90119D6E91280264C653ED105869A4B294257]

It is getting rather challenging, though... there are quite a lot of fields off the edges of this screenshot, but even so, I'm struggling to keep everyone fed. (And firewood is an issue too, as you can see from the house where people are cold!)
[Image: pkmb0Gv.png]

#ForzaJules 1989-2015

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