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Frisbee Golf

So I discovered a new sport today. And it's fun. It's called disc-golf (or frisbee-golf). 

You have 18 full-length holes with a par and everything else that goes along with golf, but you throw a high-quality professional frisbee instead. There is actually quite a bit of technique involved. Many of the holes cannot be reached with a line-of-sight path, so you have to throw it in such a way that it curves along the path and doesn't run into trees. There is also a creek near the course here, so you have to be careful to make sure it doesn't land where it shouldn't. 

Anyone heard of this before? It's extremely fun.

I have, even played it once or twice, but then I'm a fan of both frisbee and actual golf (also mini golf lol).

anyway frisbee-golf is fun but we've no courses here so we have to setup stuff in the park and whatnot.
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Yea frisbee is one of those things that needs pretty much no equipment whatsoever. It's nice. Just do it wherever and you're good.

I am terrible at frisbee. Never tried it, but there's a course less than a mile from my house.
I'm not much good at it either. My average was six throws, but I had some where it was as high as 11.

Definitely recommend though. It's very relaxing and a lot of fun.

I have tried the sport a couple of times. Not a super fan of it however.

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