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Ebook vs hard copy

Which one do you prefer?

Personally I love to read ebooks. Hard copy is often too heavy for me.
I think ebooks are quite convenient, but I think I personally prefer hard copies. It's much easier to read a relaxing hard copy of a book late at night than an ebook on a tablet screen for my eyes, so I usually prefer to go for the hard copy. It's also easier to buy and sell used hard copies of books than it is to tell "used" ebooks.

I like hard copies more than ebooks.. ebooks are convenient for somethings though.
I like hard copies... yay no batteries required!
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I prefer hard copy because I simply cannot read from a screen without getting distracted by somethhing else for some reaosn.
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(July 28th, 2013 at 4:23 PM)t3haco Wrote: I prefer hard copy because I simply cannot read from a screen without getting distracted by somethhing else for some reaosn.

Haha believe me, I know the feeling.


I know what you mean.

It can be hard to read on the computer, because many other things (Facebook, Twitter etc) may distract you.
I'm kind of on the fence now.

for a while I was all about physical media, but my kindle fire and E-Books make accessing information so much easier than hunting down a hard copy.

If I really like a book though I will buy a hard copy anyway if I can find it to support the author Tongue
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I do highly prefer physical copies, but I buy most of my physicals from used bookstores, so that seriously limits my choices sometimes.
LibGen makes life easier, but you're right in supporting the author. I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks paypal to an author, since they only ever get like 10% royalties anyway.
@ lain: IKR?

for me if a story is really really good, I don't mind buying a physical copy, it's something I can share, it's something I can hold onto, a physical reminder of a good story.

but with E-Books it's easy to find stories and read them, usually at lower cost because it's not printed on dead trees.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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I highly prefer a hard (or paperback) copy of a book. For me, it's hard to read e-books because I use the motions of flipping the pages to help me focus. I get distracted SO easily with e-books. It's ridiculous honestly xD
I prefer reading hard copy because I don't have an ebook.
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I prefer to read the actual hard copy. I enjoy the smell of the book as I'm reading.

I do have a Kindle Fire so that I can read while I'm traveling.
I love my Kindle Fire, but it's easier for me to get distracted when I'm on it. Technology is already a huge distraction for me as it is, so when I have the urge to check on other things, I end up not staying in the zone.

So all my reading tends to be hard copy if I can get away with it, but all of my textbooks are usually ebooks.

I much prefer a hard copy of a book. I don't know why, but e-readers just never feel the same. I feel like I skim read more than anything.
Hard copy, easily. There's a certain satisfaction about turning the pages of a physical book, that I don't get with e-books.
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Ebooks are great when you have an ereader like a Kindle. It's obuous 500 years of printed books have faaaar more catalogue than 20 of e-books but I prefer have free access to free copyrigth media and more fair prices, also since I have some visual problems the power to adjust the letters size is a huuuge benefit for me.
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I like both myself, but tend to like real books more. Just...nothing better then holding it in your hands and turning the pages.

I originally bought an iPad for e-books, but uhh...tend to read more real ones. XD I do need to use it for more of that since books take soooo much room.
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