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NFL Season 2019

The Packers and the Bears have kicked off the 2019 NFL season tonight!

Very defense-oriented game so far. Not bad for a season-opener for the 100th anniversary of professional football.
in FF , I had the GB receiver Davante Adams , who had a very poor game.. So I am off to a slow start in my match

Are you playing FF this year, Guardian ?
Sports fanatic
I am. I had the Bears defense playing, so a good deal of points for a defense. Fortunately I kept Trubisky on the bench.

In other news, Raiders have released Antonio Brown without ever playing a down for them.
Let's go GB!
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Guardian, I ended up winning my FF game after all Smile

I had a MNF comeback Smile
Sports fanatic

I lost. Tongue Respectably though, so that's a plus.

my weak positions last week were Fg kicker and my defense..

Since those are areas i usually chan ge from week to week.. i think I can improve upon those now that I see whats going on better with the team play Smile
Sports fanatic
ya i did drop game 2 ,
so im at 1-1 now in FF Smile
Sports fanatic
i have dropped game 3 of FF to fall to 1-2 now Guardian
Sports fanatic
Well that sucks.

I got lucky and moved to 2-1. Despite getting two 0's from receivers.
oh, i am glad to hear your off to a decent start this year Smile
Sports fanatic
(September 25th, 2019 at 2:26 AM)brian51 Wrote: oh, i am glad to hear your off to a decent start this year Smile

Thanks! Hope yours picks up.

Eagles surprised the Packers last night. Confused
not this week, ive dropped to 1-3

Need a win badly
Sports fanatic
Hope its this weekend then!

Last week was a crazy one... off for most people I think.
Ya see we have 8 teams in my league with a 6 team playoff format..
So your almost never out of it in my league LOL
Sports fanatic
oh wow.

We have a 10-team league with 4 playoff spots. Tongue
i have dropped to the cellar in our league at 1-4

I need a win in this upcoming matchup to get back into things Smile
Sports fanatic
Hate to hear that for you.

I was doing well, 4-1, and the commissioner just up and disbands the league because of ONE disagreement... UGH.

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