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the soft doctrines of Imaginos: Mythology behind the Blue Öyster Cult

Hey so has anyone heard or looked into the history of the Blue Öyster Cult's music and the story behind their strange esoteric lyrics?

apparently it was all either taken from or inspired by an unpublished work by Sandy Pearlman who in turn went on to become the manager of said band.

it's all really interesting stuff with the original being inspired by the works of HP lovecraft, various religions, and history as a whole.

I mean listen to this piece from their 1988 album imaginos

it's really actually kinda fascinating the story it tells when you really start listening to their work and finding the plot threads.

as near as I can tell it's a story involving aliens, psychic energy, a supernaturally empowered cult, and the world wars which were caused by a kind of psychic backlash leftover from medieval/colonial Europe.
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