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2019 NHL PLayoffs

another great game though in the Boston / Columbus series ..
this one went to double over time with Columbus walking away the victor..
Series is now tied there at 1-1 Smile
Sports fanatic
Boston now has tied there series with Columbus at 2-2

Most of the other better teams besides Boston have been eliminated now from this year's playoffs Smile
Sports fanatic
Really great game last night , this game 5 between Columbus and Boston.
I thought the best game of the playoffs so far, that was eventually won by Boston 4-3..

To put them up in the 7 game series , 3-2 ..
Sports fanatic
Guess I'll root for Columbus now. Tongue Improbable underdog.
Ok so good news for you Guardian,

.. as Columbus has now forced a final game 7 !!
Sports fanatic
Actually i got some of what i posted wrong Smile
Columbus only forced a game 6 ( so i guess they were down 3-1 in the series score)..
They lost game 6 to Boston last night (3-0)..
The Bruins got all the breaks in the game and were very lucky
Columbus did play a decent game at least, but Boston now advances to play carolina in the
east conference finals Smile
Sports fanatic
Ah, well. Can't win them all (any).
Big win for St Louis Blues last night , so they advance to the  conference finals..
Sports fanatic
Update :

Boston is up on carolina 1-0 in games, in the east final to see who goes to the stanley cup Smile
Sports fanatic
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Okay in the west conference finals, San Jose held off St Louis Blues to win game 1, 6-3
,, so that series now starts off 1-0 in favor of San Jose
Sports fanatic
The bruins are now up 3-0 in there series..
so it is looking like this series will be over with quite soon Smile
Sports fanatic
That's pretty impressive to do in the playoffs.
Yes but now tough loss for the blues last night Sad
They gave up the tying call with the goalie pulled..
Than the over time goal scored against them should have never happened because of an illegal hand pass
So will be interesting to see how they bounce back for game 4
San Jose is up 2-1 in the west finals now
Sports fanatic
I hear Carolina got swept? ...and there seems to be some officiating controversy rising up because of that no-call you referenced.
yes, Boston has swept carolina and is now waiting in the final for the west champ Smile
Sports fanatic
The blues have played 2 amazing games after there last heart breaking loss..
and now an update:
they lead the series with San Jose, 3 games - 2
Sports fanatic

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