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so I decided to post a page here about this topic.

does anyone read webnovels?

and if so what are some of your favorites?

do you write them?

I'm going to post my most recent favorites here, it's called the grand design.

Basically in a post humanity milky way where humanity was the precursors two humanoid Cybernetic organisms strive to save the universe from their old enemy.

it's really really good!

The other one I highly recommend is the wandering Inn, it's an Isekai (sent to another world), about a girl who ends up in a fantasy world and has to deal with everything that entails, she's from modern times so there's a lot to take in on a world that's magic and sorcery.  warning, it get's really grim/dark... but that's to be expected in a fantasy setting where the undead, monsters, and levels are actual things.
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