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2018 NHL Playoffs


we had a very big win last night in our first game playing the 2 away games at Boston
This puts us up in the series 2-1 and also hands us back the home ice advantage for the further games of the series Smile
Sports fanatic
Looking good! Good spot to be in. Cool
Yup, and we also took the second game in boston, 4-3 in over time Smile
so take a commanding lead in the series 3-1 , headed back to tampa now for game 5,, and hope
to wrap this up Sunday afternoon
Sports fanatic
Guardian I have very good news for you
We beat boston today and so the first team to advance to the semi finals Smile
Sports fanatic
AWESOME! Glad to hear it. Good to see the Lightning take down the Bruins.
thanks guardian..

we now play the wash capitols in the eastern conference finals
Ill give you a day and time for game 1 as soon as i find that out
Sports fanatic
Everyone here seems to be a Caps fan. They think they're due for a breakthrough, but I'm not sold. I'm still pulling for the Lightning.
thanks for your support !
the first game of the series will be friday night Smile
Sports fanatic

Hoping Nashville wins their game tomorrow night. Surprised to see Vegas still going strong.
yes another big game 7 on tonight Smile
but ok sure I will go ahead than and support Nashville tonight ..
Sports fanatic
winnepeg won game 7 in away game at nashville
so now they play the golden knights in the west final..

our first game against the caps starts at home in about 1/2 hours Smile

go Tampa !!
Sports fanatic
we lost game 1 to the Caps, 2-4...
really played quite poorly also..
but its a long series , so still hopeful Smile
Sports fanatic
Hopefully it's a fluke. The Caps have been notorious for blowing playoff series, so hopefully that will happen this time.
Yes thanks Guardian Smile
although I still look at this second home game tonight as very nearly a "must" win for us Smile
Sports fanatic
Wow, sadly the Caps came to play tonight. A rough 6-2 beatdown.

Lightning need to pick it up!
thanks, but it looks quite bleak having lost both of the first 2 home games..
I am not even sure a team has ever come back from such a deficit once you reach the conference finals Smile
Sports fanatic
Sad That sucks. Hopefully they can pull off a miracle!
well guardian, we had to have game 3 in washington last night .. and we got it ! 4-2

Game 4 in washington tomorrow night .. huge game for both teams now obviously.. Smile
Sports fanatic

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