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NFL Season 2017

(November 6th, 2017 at 1:46 AM)brian51 Wrote: Guardian ?, The Bucs are now one of the worst teams in the NFL !, seriously man..

Yeah... crazy. You see that scuffle during their game? The losing is causing them to lose discipline.  Confused
Guardian hopefully you will have a strong finish..

I ended up having one of my best weekends in FF Smile
I score nearly 120 points and won easily.. the win has put me into a good position now to make our play offs..
4 games remain for us in the FF regular season..
Well, I won my survivor pool and moved into first in the pick'em. Still dead last for FF. Tongue
Okay so you are having some success than Smile
(November 9th, 2017 at 1:58 AM)brian51 Wrote: Okay so you are having some success than Smile

Just enough. I've already won my entry fee back for all of them and thensome, so no matter what happens I come out a head. I will let me FF standing be a gift to someone else since I'm winning everything else.  Tongue
it looks like Thursday night football has now come to NBC for the rest of the season Guardian ?
Looks like it. I barely notice as I watch them all from Sling.
The day has now arrived for the terrible terrible bucs game Smile
So... what did I miss?
Well now the bucs are on a 2 game winning streak.. but also I continue to battle it out in , FF Smile
(November 20th, 2017 at 1:57 AM)brian51 Wrote: Well now the bucs are on a  2 game winning streak.. but also I continue to battle it out in , FF Smile

I've given up!  Tongue Dead last in my league, I can win out and it won't change.  Confused
Ok but keep trying your best please Smile

meanwhile for me in FF, i still have the inside track for that playoff spot despite last week's loss. But would like to get in my winning my final 2 games of course .
Oh, always. Trying to get better position for next years draft. Big Grin
i am behind in my match up headed into tomorrows games
Today is the final FF games for us in our league, Guardian ..

i have a good chance to make the playoffs and will let you know later how that turned out my friend..
Yeah... I've already clinched last place, but still looking for the win.
I am very close now to getting in Smile
Well, I might finish off with a 2-game win streak after only winning 1 other. Tongue

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