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Have you ever owned a blog?

Personally, I've had many failed attempts to blog, and haven't given it another chance in the past few years. I loved doing it way back in the day though. Perhaps I'll try it again sometime. Big Grin

Have you ever owned a blog?

Many. failed. attempts Smile
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I made one entry in January 2012 and haven't posted any others.
It was a minecraft blog and I posted pictures of a village that Shilka made on my old server.
Yes, I have actually created over 20 blogs in the last 5 years. Many of those blogs were eventually abandoned.

Right now, I have 3 main blogs.
20 blogs? That's quite impressive. I've had my fair share of forums I have owned or worked for, but I think I've only ever had two blogs so far.

Not too many, maybe 3 or so. I've had a few forums too, which have been abandoned.
I have decided not to abandon any of my blogs again.

I have abandoned many blogs in the past, I wasted time and effort for no reason.
I have a blog. However, I cannot keep on updating it. I sometimes do not know what to write.
I have only ever had one blog and only update it somewhat erratically - sometimes several days quite close and then abandon it for a while before going back to it again - I have had it for over 4yrs

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I had a personal blog when I was in Middle School and High School, but stopped doing that as I got older. I did try starting a Media Fail Blog, but I just didn't get too into it. One problem I've had with blogs is getting visitors. How do others find an audience?
I never had, but it seems good for content producers to let people know of things.

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