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Burning your Literature

Burning your literature... Many many times I have spent time writing things and then burnt it, usually if I'm ashamed of it, but also because I see a kind of beauty in embracing the inevitable decomposition of everything. By doing this you are also accepting that the reason you write is purely self-indulgent.
I read a story recently about Buddhists who spend hours making murals out of sand only for the wind to eventually blow them away. Its kind of like sandcastles and ice sculptures too...
Altho, people usually have an Iphone to take a sneaky snaptshot!
I wrote something pretty lengthy a while back and eventually deleted it because I was never comfortable with the plot. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which is a big part of my problem. I usually rely on the feedback of others to determine whether something is genuinely ready.

I have thought a few times to write letters to certain people saying what I have to say but can't to them directly and then burning it, in hopes that while it burns so does my anger, and I can finally let go. But like everything else I just put it off.
I wrote an entire novel (200 pages) and then deleted it because I felt that the plot made no sense and that it overall just sucked.

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