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Makestation's theme was designed by Makestation, for Makestation! It has been created from scratch, fully-in-house. We have expanded and improved our themes ever since 2014 and are now proud to offer multiple variants. Our primary themes are Makestation Light (default) and Monokai (dark version created by Lain).

Official Designs:
    Default/Primary Design: Darth-Apple and his sidekick (Simlink)
    Mokokai: Dark version (Lain)
    Makestation Fire: Earth/Red version of MS Light
    Makestation Ocean: Steamlined light theme. Based on our 2015 design.
    These themes are responsive for most pages. They are optimized for both mobile devices and for desktop browsing!

Alternative Designs:
    Core T7: Our old design.
    Station Green: A green variant of Core T7.
    These themes are not responsive. They may not be optimal for mobile browsing.

Header background: Credit/Attribution
Page background: Credit/Attribution
Logo: Created by Jordan Mussi. Adapted by Simlink.
Copyright: Makestation team © 2013-2020

Ripping the aforementioned themes or designs (whether in whole or in part) constitutes copyright infringement and will result in DMCA takedown notices. We do not sell or distribute our themes publicly. Please contact us directly with any private requests or inqueries. We won't bite, we promise.

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