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Show us your desktop!
Sorry that's not what I meant. What are you running on the XP installation. What requires you to need XP?
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oh! well sim tower for one, that one doesn't even start on windows 8.1

the sims 2 has all sorts of graphical glitches and crashes on windows 8.1
The original Deus ex.

a few dos games that I prefer to run without dosbox if possible and run great.

Streets of simcity.

Sim copter.

there's a few others that I haven't gotten around to installing on here yet but that's just the main one's I play so far.

most of them are nearly or over 20 years old lol.

at least one or two are over 25 but that'll be in the realm of the 486 build I'm planning

also the windows XP machine makes a great test bed for seeing if my website is still backwards compatible with older hardware.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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