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The History of Makestation
Chapter III - Economy
In about 1620, the success of the colony had prompted the Simmania to introduce a new colonial currency, named the 'Moneda'. With this currency brought the first ever banknotes of Europe, imperfectly cut paper with a small painting of Viceroy Blake, and the motto 'Deus Es Norbis' (God with us) inscribed on them. This system proved to be beneficial, as it indeed succeeded its initial goal of promoting trading and production throughout the colony, which would help to make Simmania Europe's most productive war machine.

However, in 1630, the viceroy was informed of a potential hole in the system. He immediately demanded the end of all trade throughout the colony, and almost overnight did the world's most productive colony crash. However, it was soon proven that this was a ploy by Simmania's enemies to stop the production machine that was Makestation, which they ultimately succeeded in. By 1632 however, the system was reintroduced and trade went as normal.

In 1635, the colony reached a grandiose population of 20,000 inhabitants. A great milestone, a huge feast was held to commemorate the event.

The end (for now Tongue)
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Haha that's a very interesting rendition of what happened. Tongue

Nice update. Big Grin
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