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Microdosing Alkaloids
By alkaloids, I mean substances such as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), Dimethyltriptamine (DMT), Lysergic Acid Amine (LSA), and anything else that isn't synthetic like 2C-I-NBOMe.

I do not explicitly condone usage of illegal substances. 
I cannot confirm nor deny if any of the aforementioned substances are currently in my possession, although I will admit to past non-incriminating usage respective to the laws of my country of residence.

Have you ever tripped, or is getting psychedelics too difficult in your area of residence? Since I'm from a relatively small town, finding most drugs is pretty hard, only the usual weed, occasional opiates (usually pressed), occasional benzodiazepines (also usually pressed) and any ADHD/ADD people who want to make some extra cash selling their scrips. In any case, I managed to get my hands on some psychs a while ago and tripped out a few times on LSD. Went the safe route, since almost everything in my area is usually laced, and got myself an Ehrlich reagent kit. I suggest anyone who decides to try psychedelics to use this sort of testing kit. NBOMe and synthetic alkaloids can be extremely harmful. It's impossible to overdose on LSD without taking massive doses (probably within the gram range, literal 10K$ worth of LSD) so every time you hear about an "LSD overdose,' it's usually a direct result of one of these synthetic alkaloids which are extremely toxic.

First few times it was pretty fun. Cool visuals, could just sit back and play video games or meditate for a bit. I may have gone to work once or twice while tripping and just had a fun time. It only shows in your blood stream for about 24-48hrs so drug tests (even though already extremely uncommon in my country of residence) were not a problem.

Recently I managed to get my hands on more, tripped and didn't have quite as much fun (more negative thoughts, etc.) so I figured that I could use up the rest of what I may or may not have through microdosing. Selling drugs is a much more severe punishment than use/possession so I'd rather steer away from getting a return on investment like that.

A regular acid trip is 100 micrograms (ug).
A heavy acid trip is 150+ug (usually around 200ug)
A light trip is 50ug.
A microdose is between 10-20ug.

What's interesting is that the last time I tripped, I was with my girlfriend and during the comeup we decided to make sandwiches and ginger tea for the stomach discomfort (it was her first time.) She made the observation that she felt incredibly focused, as if she did not want to blink, and even though she was anxious about what to expect, the anxiety wasn't entirely debilitating.

So I did some more research on microdosing and found that there may be some potentially great effects if done responsibly (once every few days rather than every morning) and making sure not to go overboard on the dosage.

  • 50mL Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Distilled/Spring Water
  • 1x 105ug LSD Blotter paper
  • 10mL syringe
  • Rubber/Waterproof stopper
  • Use syringe to measure 10mL of the water at a time, and fill Erlenmeyer flask to 50mL
  • Add LSD blotter to water in flask.
  • Seal flask with stopper
  • Let sit for 24+hrs
Essentially, now that there is about 100ug of LSD dissolved in 50mL of water, that makes for 50/10 or 5mL of water per 10ug of LSD, or one microdose.

I'll be microdosing for the next few weeks and report whether or not I get any major increases in productivity, nootropic effects, creativity, or negative side effects such as tolerance increase, dependency, physical discomfort, etc.

I am only using LSD because it was the only psychedelic I have had access to. This may likely work with psilocybin mushrooms, DMT extracts such as Mimosa bark, etc.
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Never tried it, so I wouldn't be able to speak with any knowledge or experience on the subject. Tongue
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I've had the opportunity to study friends on it back in high school.

I've never taken it myself though but studying their reactions, pulse, pupil dilation, etc was an interesting experience as an independent scientist Tongue

I've also had the opportunity to study the effects of marijuana, psilocybin, payote, and extacy.

they had their own sources of it, I was mostly invited to both observe and act as the sober person in the group just in case.

I kept detailed notes too Tongue.
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Dose 1: 10ug
Time: 9AM

Used the syringe to draw 5mL of water from my Erlenmeyer. Downed it with a glass of water.
I'm currently hosting a friend from overseas (Japan) and I was planning on taking him to a few places that day, so we started with a coffee shop.

Get to coffee shop. Order an Americano, double shot. Wakes me up pretty fast.

Coffee had its effects in waking me up, but I feel the focused sensation from the LSD. A combination of not needing to blink plus no real yawning.
I am enjoying my music on the bus ride to a museum with my friend. Not much conversation, but I feel more observant of the bus number, the people on the bus, the music I'm listening to.

Walk down to museum, arrive, buy tickets, coat check, and get into the exhibit. I'm pretty fluent in the subject of national history so I'm accustomed to answering questions about anything/everything up from about 1800s onwards. Museum seems a little less boring than when I usually visit, but that may simply be because I'm with someone whom I want to keep interested for the duration.

I'm definitely much more capable of bringing up cool anecdotes, trivia, recall smaller events and predict what's going to be next in each exhibit, despite me not visiting this museum for a good few years and forgetting most of the actual content. Might be because my interest in national history, but that doesn't mean that I'm not actually performing better than usual.

Finish up at the museum, head down to campus. Find a place to eat.
I have no physical discomfort, I should mention. Usually LSD (in higher doses) will cause physical discomfort (not pain, just like when you lie down on one side for too long and you want to change sides but you can't for whatever reason disCOMFORT.) No stomach aches either. No trouble eating. General social skills.

Finish eating, head back to campus.
I seem more sociable. More conversation at this point than my usual. I find myself saying 'pardon me' to more people when I bump them or whatever. I seem to enjoy company more and more.

Walk around common tourist spots and some of my favorite parts of town, minus stuff I had planned for other days.
At this point I notice my feet are TIRED. Like, in pretty immense pain up to my mid-shins/calves. I then notice that my pathing all day long has been terrible, essentially walking around sort of in circles. I hope my friend doesn't mind too much.

Yawning more and more.
This might be because my step counter says we walked a good 9 miles today. It might also be because caffeine has a half-life of 5hrs and the last three hours essentially decay it to a useless amount, adding up to 8hrs since I drank it, approximately. It may also be because acid trips only last approximately (on average) eight to twelve hours based on dosage.
Head home, listen to more music. Once home, talk more, have a couple of beers, write this out, and start getting ready for bed.

Easily seems to have had some effects on me. I'm usually much more planned out, but from my terrible pathing to how sociable I was, I'd say I took on a more creative side. Of course, given how much my feet hurt right now, that's not necessarily a good thing. None of the usual problems LSD has though, like the discomfort, nerves, etc. so that's a pretty big plus.

Since today was not focused on actual work/academics, I can't really say how useful it would be in a professional environment. Will test more in due time.
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Didn't post the last one yet.

Dose: 15ug, 2 shots of Rum

I decided to take a bit more than the standard 10ug to see if it actually dissolved properly, if I was experiencing placebo earlier, or if the solution already decomposed from its (very little) exposure to sunlight.

Use the syringe to get 7.5mL of water, or 15ug of LSD.
While waiting, I decided to also have a couple shots of rum. LSD is a very safe chemical, so I figured there wouldn't be much interaction with the two. Maybe at most it would help carry the LSD to my brain.

Noticeable start to the comeup. I needed to get over to my girlfriend's house to take care of her, since she's been too busy studying to take care of herself and her place, causing some problems for her roommate as well. Quickly shower, still mostly feeling normal, get dressed, pack a book and my laptop (+ cables) and hop on the next bus.

My jaw is locking, my hands are fidgeting, I'm nodding my head along to the music.
This usually happens while I'm actually coming up for a trip, I didn't get it while microdosing last time. No, my dose was correct, but it seems that 10ug is the sweet spot, and going even 5ug over that can set off noticeability.

Is it me or is time going by really fast? I'm checking my phone every five minutes, it seems like, but I've also checked my phone five times in the last five minutes according to the clock. The bus is late, I'm sitting at the station for my transfer, and everyone walking around is completely lethargic. Some bodily discomfort noted at this point. If I focus really hard on the ground, I can sort of get visuals, more like when you see waves of heat coming off your stove which distorts whatever's behind it. Nothing major, though, and I really need to focus to see it.

Get on the bus. Driver feels like he's driving 20km under the limit, driving me nuts because it's going to take me a good two hours to get to my girlfriend's place at this rate. No traffic or anything, and it's irritating me a lot. More fidgeting, but I've stopped caring.

Finally make it to her place. She's cleaning up her living space so I can at least move around. I say hi to her roommate, complain about my commute, and get started on cooking. Girlfriend lets me know that my pupils are actually getting a bit big.

I'm usually a better cook, I swear. Pan frying steaks (no grill), roasted/baked potatos, and a basic salad to go along with it. The whole kitchen is filled with smoke, mainly because of poor ventilation in this house but also because I've been trying to cook a steak for the last 45min. I can usually get them done in 10min max (I used to work as a line chef.) Seems that I can stay super focused on one thing but not on others, so it takes me a long time to cook a simple meal that would take me half an hour or less.

We eat, I start to feel the comedown. Next phase, cleaning up everything and doing more groceries.
Groceries go by okay, I'm able to quickly memorize everything we need and we do the trip in a few minutes at most. That being said, I really HATE labor at this point. Despise it, really. I don't want to work physically anymore. This might be because of how long the day was, or maybe from the higher dose of LSD.

More comedown. No more discomfort, pupils are going back to normal, and I can just relax finally. I head home.

That's it for this report.
15ug is a little too much to get any positive effects, I think. Would rather stick to 10ug. It's nice knowing that it didn't completely break up when I dissolved it though.
I've also concluded that I can be more focused, but I also hate doing anything physical, so I wouldn't be using this for a physically stressful job. Office work would be okay, but still, multitasking is hard so maybe sticking to academia with it is better. That'll be my next test.
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This is uncharted territory. Probably the first drug related discussion we've had on here, but I'm glad to see things branching out. Going to make the rules official. Allowed, so long as they are in this board, as you've done.

How do you feel as far as trusting your own thoughts during the process? Do you feel as though you can trust yourself, say, at work, or elsewhere while micro-dosing?

I'm also interested. Have you heard of Kratom, by chance?
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Together, we can make something awesome...
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