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Dev Software
I'm considering wiping my PC yet again and I can usually get down my 'essential' software within a few minutes. After that, I focus on getting all my dev shit down and sorted nicely.

So what are your usual editors/toolchains/IDEs that you install whenever building back up?

Text Editor:
  • VS Code
  • EmEditor
  • CLion (C/C++)
  • GoLand (Go)
  • IntelliJ (Java)
  • Visual Studio (.Net, some C/C++ related stuff too.)
  • Arduino (Arduino)
  • Keil uVision (microvision) (Embedded applications in C, MDK)
  • Gnat/GPS (Ada)
  • STM32cubeMX (Code generator for STM32 boards)
  • Fritzing (Schematics)
  • Choco/NuGet (Package Managers)
  • Git
  • Node
  • MinGW (C/C++)
  • Non-VB/C# VisualStudio packages (F#, linux, etc.)

Text Editors:
  • VS Code
  • nvim
  • Atom (ONLY if VS Code isn't supported on the target without overlays, AKA Gentoo)
  • Arduino
  • mBed (not installed, just what I use.)
  • Git
  • Node
  • GCC family
Most of my Linux development is in C so I don't need to go overboard with the IDEs (not that there are many good ones available for Linux.)
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I'm not a developer but...

I typically use Gedit/Notepad ++.

a bit of GCC for compiling c++/C.

a sega genesis C/Assembly compiler (hard to find, runs in wine).

and of course the various python Libraries and such since I primarily code in python for interface stuff.

the one down side to my form of tinkering/programming is that most of the console libraries are written for windows so I have to find ways around it.

luckily atari 2600 software was mostly written in ASM XD
[Image: 5.jpg]
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