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Consumer VS Maker
Are you a consumer, someone who pays money to corporations and buys the latest toys, or are you a maker, someone who actually learns skills and crafts things?

personally I lean more on the maker side of the spectrum, I buy broken stuff and repair it if I really want something (usually at a cheaper cost), I like to tinker with and prefer technology that I can do something with rather than something that has a per-determined purpose, technology that can be modified and changed when the need arises.

recycle, restore, refurbish, and Craft.

but I know there's people on both sides.

so what's your opinion, do you side with the consumers and big corporations?
do you side with the makers, crafting things, recycling, and finding new fun ways to approach things?
somewhere in between?
or something else?
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I geek anyone who supports any major company and defends new products.

Also I'm literally too poor to afford all sorts of new gear, so yeah, repair shit all the way if possible.
I've run a few makerspace workshops in my area, started in high school and one or two at uni (as well as a bunch of hackathons) so I'm relatively well-known in my local maker/hacker community. Fun stuff.
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Wow lain, that's awesome! I'm sure you've worked on a lot of cool stuff, both solo, and as part of a group.
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(October 18th, 2019 at 8:31 AM)SpookyZalost Wrote: Wow lain, that's awesome! I'm sure you've worked on a lot of cool stuff, both solo, and as part of a group.

There's still lots that I want to do though Wink
And portioning my time to get it done is another issue haha. Still considering what I should make for the new First-Time Instructable Author competition, I could win a new iPad lmao.
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first time instrucatable... you're going to do an instructable to try to win a competition?
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See for yourself
I don't think it'll be that difficult to win one of the top prizes, even easier to get a runner-up since there are only 30 entries or so and the majority of them are of a very low skill-cap or have millions of the same tutorial found everywhere on the internet (theremin, naughty bars, 3D printing for dummies, paper cranes, paper plane out of aluminum?, etc.)
So I reckon the odds of winning for myself are pretty high, and I really want that iPad since my 2nd Gen Mini just isn't meeting those compatability requirements anymore for lots of apps.
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nice! well good luck with that, it'd be interesting to see what you come up with.
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