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How many books do you read in a year?
I'd say around 300 pages on average, because I read some really long books (800-1000 pages), and I also read some graphic novels and the like, so it averages to not such a crazy number.
*edit* I should say I have a friend who beat me in this reading challenge, and she read 120 books. they're not all masterpieces, but they're full-length books, but to be fair she had troubles with insomnia, that was one of the ways to cope with it.
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My goal for this year was 2019 books but I only read like 12. My goal for next year will be 2020 books.
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Yeah... I probably read 2 in all of 2019. I need to do better.

(November 27th, 2019 at 11:13 PM)Thomas Wrote: My goal for this year was 2019 books but I only read like 12. My goal for next year will be 2020 books.

Good luck just hitting that first number. Tongue
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at least an even dozen, I've been reading them in short bursts as I have time, sometimes it takes me a week, sometimes I need to go a few weeks before continuing it.
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