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Made the Big Switch
@ darth, yeah integrated graphics have always struggled under linux, their drivers are usually sub-par.

though I hear Nvidia and AMD apu's with built in graphics cards get decent performance.

just avoid intel, they have awful linux support in their drivers.
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That explains it. It’s definitely... subpar on HD 4600.

Hopefully they fix that. The Ice Lake CPUs that are coming out now are supposedly, for the first time, putting respectable discreet-class graphics (albeit on the low end) into the chip. It’s going to increase the reliance on integrated graphics in the future.
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Darth: it doesn't help that intel has been incredibly resistant to linux support on their chipsets for a very long time.

AMD has always worked with open source efforts with drivers and such, and nvidia actually writes native linux drivers, which is why those two usually are better options.

This was part of my reason for building an AMD CPU/Nvidia gpu based system for my hybrid windows/linux primary system, I could get linux native drivers for both the CPU and GPU chipsets to ensure the same if not close to the same compatibility with hardware as I could in windows.
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