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[Project Journal] Timing chain... fun.
Cheap parts!
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Those two yeah, still a PITA to do though and I'll need a torque wrench to do it because I have to move the tensioner pulley first to reduce tension on the belt, then of course setting up engine timing and such.

considering I'm rebuilding the front end of my car...

the hard part is doing all this while working nights again, especially since my days off are not consecutive so I have to do it when I can.

I'll have a new radiator on sunday and I'll be doing a test fit, see if I need to straighten/adjust the frame more.

the radiator ended up costing me $77.06 after taxes.

amazon is a wonderful thing.

Edit: Found more damage today.

timing cover is cracked, crankshaft and crankshaft pulley are pushed into the engine slightly.

I'm being quoted $3500+ to fix.

I hate this.
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ok so good news, I just got over being sick for the past week and a half, and it was a nice day out at nearly 50*F.

so I went out and turned the crankshaft to see if anything was actually wrong with it.

low and behold, it turned without issue and wasn't actually pushed in, just that the outside is covered in 20 years worth of grease.

so I'm ordering the pulleys and serpentine belt, once I got them and a torque wrench I'm going to get everything put on correctly and start the engine, I'm confident that the internals are fine!
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That's awesome!!! Glad to hear it. Will definitely save some time and money. Cool
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gotta wait til I get paid to get the parts, so It's going to be a week before I can order the parts, I've already got the radiator on hand, will be ordering the pulleys and serpentine belt next friday, then installing them and seeing about having the jeep towed to a place to have the frame straightened after hooking up the radiator and giving the engine a proper test (check for leaks etc).
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