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Timing chain... fun.
so I mentioned before, on my car the timing chain jumped, I've been a bit reluctant because I don't know engines and car mechanical stuff like I do electronics and stuff however a mechanic gave a basic overview so I've got a starting point and right now one thing I do know for sure.

the timing chain.

if it needs adjusting/tightening - $0 (I happen to have the socket wrench bits because my grandfather owns a honda motorcycle and japanese vehicles use a lot of the same sizes... plus my car is also a honda.

if it needs replacement - $65 just the chain
$80/$130 a complete replacement including the gears and such.

on the up side... it's on the outside of the engine

on the down side, I'll likely need to replace a gasket or two which means more $.

possible other damage to the engine.

Burnt Valves. (unknown).

complete Valve set - $80

this would require me to partially tear down the engine and make repairs, replace more gaskets, and potentially have the rotors milled as well.

rotor milling cost $500/$700.

and that's if I do most of the work myself... without a garage or workshop it'll be hard and time consuming but I could maybe do it, if I take this one step at a time.

alternative: Replace engine.

engine cost $1120 - Used, 100K mi on it.

install cost $900/$1500

I deffinetly do not have the training, tools, experience, or knowledge to do this one however it would be easier, albeit way more expensive.

things I'm going to do before I work on the timing chain though based on some advice I got.

drain the oil - check for metal shavings/flakes.

if there are flakes, I have to replace the engine, there's internal damage.

if not... I'm going to go ahead with the timing chain replacement/repair/adjustment and see what else might be wrong.

and that's just the engine btw.

there's also the front right wheel joint, one part of the suspension is damaged due to wear and tear, cost? $25.

the rear suspension pins are also damaged but I can replace those for around $40.

honestly I really want to fix my car, but it's going to be a while... it's currently below freezing, we've got snow and I'm saving for parts and hoping to start working on this by february on a sunny day but until then I'm carless.

anyone have any advice they could give me?
I'm not going to buy another used one, a decent one starts at $2K and around here used cars are kidna scammy lately.

by the way, the mechanic said he wanted $7K to fix/replace the engine... just fyi so that's deffinetly out.
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Dang... that's a tough situation.

If it were me, I would honestly just cut my losses and go for another car, preferably cheaper than what the fix would cost, but I know sometimes that's not reasonable. If anything, can fix it over time and sell the interim car.
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see that's part of the problem.

if I actually take the time to do the work I can do... it's literally cheaper to fix my car than buy a new one.

on the other hand the opposite would be true if I paid a shop to do it.

frustrating that...
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so I've had to hold off on making the repairs again, first because of weather, then because I became sick a few weeks ago and the missing week of work caught up to me financially... but the weathers much better now and I'm finally going to start working on it!
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