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[Image: st%2Csmall%2C215x235-pad%2C210x230%2Cf8f8f8.lite-1.jpg][Image: 220px-Ingress_Logo_vector.svg.png][Image: flat,550x550,075,f.u3.jpg]

for those of you that don't know, Ingress is a cyberpunk themed Augmented Reality game in the same vein as pokemon go... in fact the engine and servers pokemon go uses are based on it.

I've been playing it since the end of october, I'm not level 7, playing for the resistance, and I'm having a ton of fun with it.

the rules are simple.
you either play as the resistance or the enlightened.
you capture portals for your team, link portals together.
link 3 portals together in a triangle and you create a field.
the more fields you generate the more area you control.

it's sort of an AR capture the flag sorta thing.

you can hack portals to get loot drops.

there are two types of loot, offensive loot and defensive loot.
offensive loot is stuff like XMP bursters and ultra strikes, the former is an AOE attack the latter is a direct strike at your location, within a few feet.

defensive loot is shields, turrents, resonators and a bunch of other stuff.

you capture a portal by deploying resonators around it, you can have up to 8 on any portal and their strength is dictated by the resonator level 1 through 8.

the stronger the resonator the harder it is to take down and the more energy it can store.

the highest portal level is also level 8.

you can put shields and stuff on portals to make them harder to kill.

break all the resonators and a portal becomes neutral until you or someone else captures it.

and that's pretty much it, the meat of the game is actually playing it and interacting with other players IRL.

personally, I'm soloing it, I managed to push back a group of 5 enlightened players by myself through steady leveling and loot acquisition and am now level 7, should be level 8 by January maybe? as I have the time to play it.

there's also a whole story element but I'll leave that to you guys to discover.

ask questions and or talk about the game here.

wikipedia page
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
Thanks given by: Guardian
Sounds cool.

How popular is the game?

I imagine if it weren't it wouldn't be as much fun?
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thanks for the great posting..

this is game i have never heard about but sounds interesting to be sure..
Sports fanatic
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@ guardian, the game has been ongoing since around 2011, and is still fairly underground but very fun, it's played all over the world.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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so I'm slowly working my way up to level 8.

Unfortunately there's way more enlightened players here than resistance and this one guy is super territorial, it's like he's getting paid to play ingress!

argh, but on the up side, with my Jeep I can get back into playing the game and there's nowhere I cannot go to compete
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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so here's my current level in the game.

I'm most of the way to level 8, it takes forever to get there though, I've been playing on and off since august.

[Image: YiNKIEe.png]
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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ok so I just got back from building a really really big field area today, took me 9 hours.

[Image: TtQOnvw.png]

and this is my level now... I'm just a little over 40K away from level 8 now.

[Image: ND9aTPJm.png]
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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What do you do with this 'field?'
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How many levels are there in this game ?
Sports fanatic
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The field is just a larger area, more points, you get MU for large fields.

@ brian, there are 16 levels

also despite being sick this week I did go out and do some more stuff on sunday.

[Image: sFBq7Mm.png]

I followed trump's advice : Wink I built a wall.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Thank you for posting Smile
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so I'm going out tonight after work for some super late field building, going to be a lot of fun working this out...

I have 1 question though... would you guys like to see a youtube video on it?

I've been trying to figure out the best way to do an ingress playthrough on youtube and near as I can tell the best way to do it would be a sort of post game commentary like how some people do let's play's of KSP.

so what are your guy's thoughts?
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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That'll be cool! Might give a little more insight into the game and how its played.
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