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The United Cities of Talaran
Congrats on the 10 mil! Though, that does seem to be an annoying bug...
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first congrats, on reaching 10 million in your region..

I asked Tibi about the prop pox.., and he does think its possible it is.
But we are both puzzled that you could have this if you have installed Sim masters fix to prevent this ?
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Ahh.... There is nothing to be surprised about, because I never installed the fix of Simmaster. I suppose that I should do this asap. And after that, use the instructions given in the thread (on Simtropolis) to cure the syndrom in the existing cities where it is occuring.
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yes exactly..

But keep us updated of course on your progress..

we can get plenty of help for this in discord still Smile
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Well, there is nothing that I like better than a fix that does what it claims, and is easy to implement. The SC4Fix.dll file contains the fix to the dreaded Prop Pox issue, and there is an easy procedure to apply to existing cities that have been affected. I did as much, and I am very pleased with the result. Here is a picture of the same area of one of my cluster cities, with the restored props:

[Image: ZcGISn.jpg]

Did all props come back? Well, not quite: a very small amount of embankment puzzle pieces were still 'naked'. It took me about two minutes to fix them manually. This is a small price to pay - I was afraid that I would have to bulldoze and replop all infected puzzle pieces. The game is nice and does most of it during the procedure mentioned above.
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Looking much better! Glad you got it worked out. That would have been frustrating to continue with after so much work.
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Now that the dreaded prop pox bug has been fixed, i can return to the normal development of the cities in both the Talaran and the Sambey clusters - in a round-robin fashion, so that each city in turn sees some development.

I mentioned that I passed the 10 Mio Sims mark in the Talaran cluster. Here are the statistics of the cities in both clusters:

[Image: TcWwLr.jpg]

The largest city is Prandergal with over 1.304 Mio Sims, closely followed by Salveille.

My next goals, population-wise, are:
- total region population reaching 15 Mio Sims
- the largest city in Talaran reaching 1.5 Mio Sims
There is still a lot of potential in the Sambey cluster, now that the cities there are been gradually 'normalized'
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