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Transit Mania CJ
Nice update and good information, Brian, thanks! Since I don't use farms in my cities, I wasn't aware that some them give the information about the total number of farming tiles, which must in fact reside in a counter somewhere in the game. The level of detail information kept by the game continues to amaze me. At the time it came out it was a real masterpiece.
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My city is no rapidly transitioning from rural farming to urbanization..

Population over 90,000  now..

Here is already the second Condo that has grown - amongst the quiet farming areas..

[Image: pbhsq.jpg]
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geez 90 thousand in 178 years? that's actually rather slow. well slow for america anyway.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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178 years of city developement is probably necessary to reach the Growth Stage at which condos like the one shown in the pic, growing "in the potato fields", can be placed by the game. Actually that whole mechanism of Growth Stages, including when does the game move from one stage to the next one, and what can grow at what stage, remains obscure to me, in spite of all the doc about it.
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it just seems sorta slow compared to real life where that much growth can happen in 10 to 50 years compared to 170+
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Tibi has been working with me to understand how to use the Pedestrian stairs pieces in the Flup menu

I think we have made some good progress so far Cool

[Image: vPVtN.jpg]

[Image: aTcAV.jpg]

[Image: RZJnN.jpg]
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I've always wanted to make an effort to get Pedestrian traffic to work well, and exceed vehicle use, I just never can make it worthwhile. Tongue

great flow there!
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Since I have not done an update for awhile and +
I just recently passed the 200 K population mark at about 215 now Smile,
I wanted to share a zoom out image of my city and identifies the 7 park central condos that have grown so far,,

Also so far traffic has been still very good so far , with the main  GLR system i set up, is handling the main traffic arteries/ areas quite nicely to this point..
As can be seen there is still plenty of room for further development and expansion in the large expansive farm areas..

[Image: 7viF7.jpg]
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Good update, Brian! Sorry for this late reaction, but you know the reason.

I would like to know more about your GLR system: could you post a picture of the transit view of your city?
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Thanks so much for your post here Pierre..

It may be at least a few days before I can update here in My CJ  because of the holidays

Also I was not sure what type of transit image you had in mind, if you could be a bit more specific on your request please ?
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It seems that I didn't reply to your query of last December about the type of transit image that I would like to see. It is time to reply now and to bring some more activity to your CJ.

I'll illustrate my query with examples from my own cities in the Talaran cluster. Here are two pictures, one showing a part of a city (a part of its CBD in this case), with the volume view for subway etc, the second one showing an enlargement of the volume window for subway etc:

[Image: 55Mv7F.jpg]

[Image: jGMMxN.jpg]

--> Do you see now what I would like to look at about your city - which, I think, has meanwhile grown?
Thanks given by: Guardian , brian51
Quote:> Do you see now what I would like to look at about your city - which, I think, has meanwhile grown?

Yes, actually showing the traffic volumes would be a nice idea for me as , right now since the city is relatively small.. i still have few congestion issues..
I have done a pretty good job planning the city's transit system so far not to have any traffic congestion issues at all. So I am happy with this aspect ..

The city has grown maybe a little bit yes since my last main updates last December..

It is really hard to say , since right now the population is still fluctuating a lot.  ( I think the main cause of this is still the park central condos which change a lot in wealth values..)
But I think i have seen the population "highs" get close to 250 K at times...

I have a large reliance on GLR ( tram) traffic in this city.. and also i am just starting to establish a subway system Smile

So here is my most recent volume traffic view of the GLR/ Subway system with the current city population at 202 K -

[Image: 3Cayx.jpg]
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Nice work! Thanks for that update and for the picture. Indeed, you have done a very good job sofar with your city's transit system. Some sections are well used but not saturated at all.

I think that that city has great potential, and I am looking forward to futher updates.

Is your subway network entirely separate from the GLR network, or do you have some GLR-to-subway transitions?
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Quote:Is your subway network entirely separate from the GLR network, or do you have some GLR-to-subway transitions?

Not at the present time.. but it sounds like something i should consider for later as the city continues to grow ?
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