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NFL Season 2018
The 2018 draft is less than a week away! The season is right around the corner! 

Draft discussion begins now, and season discussion will follow. 

Who's your favorites for the top draft picks?
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ya i didnt realize it was coming along this quickly thanks !
oh i have no idea really who will be chosen first.. havent given this any thought yet !!
Sports fanatic
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2018 NFL Draft begins tonight!

It is set to start at 8 EST on NFL Network, Fox, and ESPN.

I'm upset I have to miss a large portion of it as I have a soccer game tonight. The bright side.... I don't have to wait for each selection, I'll get them all at once at the end. Tongue Well, the 1st round anyway.
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Yeah it was intense tonight! Everyone at work was watching it. It sucks that I ended up there instead of being able to pay attention. Tongue Finna
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I missed the 2nd half. A lot of surprises, and not so much's.

I got the first 3 picks on the nose, then the Browns surprised me with their 4th pick and it all went downhill from there. Tongue
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crap man !!, I missed it and i dont even have a clue who the bucs drafted or if they traded there first round pick ?
Sports fanatic
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The draft is now over. Wikipedia has the simplest rundown of who got picked:


Alabama had a whopping 12 players selected, including 4 in the first round!
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yes i have found out we ended up with a running back in the first round , which i was quite happy about Smile
Sports fanatic
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It's finally here!

Finally glad to see how everyone' offseason preparation will relay into on-the-field performance.

It's going to be a fun season!
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the bucs had an incredible 1st win eh guardian ? Smile
Sports fanatic
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(September 10th, 2018 at 4:06 AM)brian51 Wrote: the bucs had an incredible 1st win eh guardian ? Smile

That was INSANE! Very surprised to see, but very entertaining football.

Lost me the chance at $200 insane! Tongue
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yes , I am of course waiting to see after another week or 2 if this was just some kinda fluke or not Smile
Sports fanatic
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Week 2 will hopefully reveal all the flukes and true teams. Jets, Bucs, Browns. Have they turned around yet?
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The bucs looked very impressive in there win
At least early on in the season, certainly 1 of the surprise teams in the NFL Smile
Sports fanatic
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The Bucs continue.... WOW. They are one hell of a team this year and Fitzpatrick is playing lights out!
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