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Updated Look. What do you guys think?
As you've probably noticed, and as I'm excited to bring to you, we have our updated look and feel as of today! I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to unearth my hiatus and uncover the vaults of some CSS and HTML knowledge. Rather than do a massive update, I'm having a beta period where we update the site as we go during April. 

During March, some of the things that were added/updated include: 
  • New look and feel (based on the old one with some improvements and brighter colors)
  • Bug fixes on the forum index related to the most recent post. 
  • New emojis (Click on "get more" in the post editor) 
  • New sidebar with latest posts, today's top poster, quotes from the community, etc. 
The sidebar, as requested before, can be disabled from the user control panel if you have a smaller monitor! Go to user CP -> edit options (on the side panel), and there will be a "show side boxes" check box. 

Hope everyone enjoys what has come so far! What do you guys think?

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[Image: makestation_submatrix31_5.png]
Together, we can make something awesome...
Thanks given by: brian51
I loved the last colors, but this one feels nice too. Just take me a minute to get used to it. Tongue

Keep them coming!
Thanks given by: Darth-Apple
I think the update, the colors and especially the side bar which shows recent postings, i love all the changes you have made !
Thanks for going the extra mile to make this a great quality Site !
Sports fanatic
Thanks given by: Darth-Apple
looks good, it's a nice change without changing too much
[Image: 41%2B-PVoZpzL.jpg]
Thanks given by:
i think were coming along quite well so far in our April focus and improvements to the site..
Sports fanatic
Thanks given by: Darth-Apple

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