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Python programmers?
Never touched Python a day in my life before this semester. Been learning it for classes, and I think I already like it a lot better than most other languages I've tried. It is worlds easier than C/C++, a lot easier and cleaner than Java (disclaimer: coming from a novice Java programmer, but I did find Python a lot easier to learn), and, well, worlds cleaner (albeit a tad bit harder) than PHP. 

And PHP has its limitations and its strengths. It is so different from every other programming language that it's not even funny. Well, it looks like C almost. But the nice thing about PHP is it really doesn't complain about very much when it comes to your code. It makes it easy to jump into, and unfortunately, makes it easy for people to make simple mistakes when they are writing their code (using variables that don't exist in ways that aren't intended, or having habits that might lead to poor security practices, etc.)  

Python takes the ease of PHP almost, makes the code a tad bit cleaner (less brackets, forced indentation, etc.), adds a lot of great libraries that are clean and concise, and perhaps a little easier to get a handle on than Java, and, well, Python complains a tad bit more than PHP I've noticed. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But in Python, you can't just use a variable out of nowhere or index into an array where there is no index declared. Unlike PHP, you'll get an error, not just a warning. And if you try to cast something to an int when it can't be casted, you'll get an error and kill your program. In other words, you'll probably land more errors, but if your program works, you're less likely to have bugs of functionality and it's more likely to work as expected.  

Overall, I almost want to to do my web development in Python now. Tongue

That being said, still a relatively new Python coder and I have a ways to go before I've mastered it. Anyone else here have any experience with it? Big Grin

Because I'm fairly certain I'm tackling Java next. Tongue
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I'd like to learn it at some point, but have only touched PHP and C++. I know what you mean about PHP not complaining much, in fact I think a more stringent language is better in a lot of ways.
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I really like python because I use it fairly heavily when customizing and tinkering with the Graphical interface in linux, it's what allowed me to have that cool looking tron based touch UI I posted a while back, I've also used it in conjunction with PHP to actually make working smart home circuits and stuff with raspi control cores.

so as far as a language that's easy to learn with a ton of info out there, it's great, but it's still a high level language, basic and Assembly are still kinda required if you want to move past it's limitations.
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Haha, basic? Don't think that's a low level language my dude. Python's probably got it beat.  Finna

But yeah I agree. Python is ridiculously easy for user interfaces, which I like. It's the only language where I really have managed to succeed. Tried in Java, and Java was noticeably much more challenging.
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you'd be surprised, there's no python compiler for stuff like the SNES and the genesis but there's basic compiler's of all things for both, still sorry for my mistake there.

but yeah python assembly and basic, maybe C++ with some java thrown in is probably all you'd need to really make use of hardware and games and stuff.
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