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Pupper's photos
Just a place to dump any pictures that are worth posting. I'll start with some from a trip to Oregon a few years ago:

[Image: falls-1.png]

[Image: falls-2.png]

[Image: falls-3.png]

[Image: falls-4.png]

[Image: hill-1.jpg]

[Image: park-1.png]

[Image: bridge1.png]
[Image: wxBanner?bannertype=wu_clean2day_cond&ai...anguage=EN]
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Awesome shots! Love nature shots the most. Great work pupper!
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I absolutely love all the pictures of the waterfall! Beautiful angles and lighting and everything.

What camera did you use?
[Image: makestation_submatrix31_5.png]
Together, we can make something awesome...
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@Hans: I just used my phone. My phone's camera tends to mute colors a little bit though so I did a little bit of photoshopping to correct that. Other than that, I was also very pleased with the results.

I'll try to have more pictures up here in the coming days.
[Image: wxBanner?bannertype=wu_clean2day_cond&ai...anguage=EN]
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Wow, great photos from a phone. I don't know what it is, even with these new fancy smartphones I can't make a picture from them look good to save my life.
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