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NCAA Football Season 2017
Clemson and Alabama are the teams to beat. Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ohio State failed against weak competition. Navy is killing it and UAB makes their re-introduction to FBS. 

Just a college specific thread so we're not taking over the Listening To thread. 
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Guardian , thanks for the initial posting here..

I watch just as much college ball as I do pro.. Of course I pull for all the "florida" schools here
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I am a die hard Alabama Crimson Tide fan.

That said, I do have schools I kinda root for if they're not playing Bama. I do like Florida State and kinda root for the underdog FAU and FIUs.
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ya, i have customer of mine who is a Huge Tide fan Smile
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Smart guy. Or maybe not... Tongue

3rd Saturday in October is here. That means: Alabama vs. Tennessee
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yes but Tennessee so far has been largely a disappointment to there many fans..
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(October 17th, 2017 at 10:57 PM)brian51 Wrote: yes but Tennessee so far has been largely a disappointment to there many fans..

They have. They're terrible... and I love it.  Tongue So wrong of me.
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Ya i havent really checked the schedule as yet to see what the big games are this upcoming week..
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Syracuse-Miami, UCF-Navy, Alabama-Tennessee, Michigan-Penn State, USC-Notre Dame, and Colorado-Washington State

About the only games that matter this week.
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ok thanks Guardian,
Looks like some decent games in there this week Smile
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Florida state is now 2-4 Sad

incredible isnt it guardian ?
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Yeah, really wish they had beat Lousiville. This is just a bad year for them. Sucks. If you like all Florida teams though, UCF and USF making up for it.
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ya , thanks i pull for all florida teams. But right now Navy is in a real tussle with UCF !!
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Looks like UCF pulled it off. I was actually rooting for Navy in that one.

FAU wrecked North Texas!

Of course, the Tide rolled against Tennessee. Cool
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oh man Guardian !

the final game of the season is usf vs ucf.. dont u want both teams to remain undefeated headed into that 1 my friend ?
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