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[Project] Adrift in the multiverse (a SI multicross adevnture)
************* Day 150: 08:00:00 ship time - Ascension - Bridge - Universe: Trek - Assimilated *************

The ascension hummed to life as the spatial fold formed in front of the ship, two points in the universe brought practically right next to each other allowing near instant travel within universal boundaries. The barrier between regions appeared almost like a singularity, space time distorted and warped having been bent in ways that so many realities only dreamed of.

Standing on the bridge anthony looked on in awe
"I have to give the federation credit here mister data, it was their research and readings when combined with the spatial warp drive that allowed for this to work."

"Indeed, though damaged I'm more surprised the multiversal bridge generator is capable of creating spatial folds." the android replied.

"Consider it a weird idea I've been thinking about for a while. Essentially what the multiversal bridge does is create a wormhole, the catch here is maintaining it while using the warp drive to bring the other side closer... hopefully once the MBG is fully repaired I'm hoping to avoid the problems of wormhole travel across the space between realities." Anthony replied again, his thoughts beginning to wander as he watched the distortion through the view screen.

Slowly the ship accelerated towards the spatial distortion directly in front of it seemingly vanishing almost behind an invisible curtain before appearing on the other side.

"Fold traversal was successful." Data stated anthony continued to remain tense for another minute or so expecting the worst. Suddenly there was a loud buzzing sound, the noise level increasing before suddenly in a bright flash of light anthony found himself no longer aboard the ascension, his environment instead some distant rocky moon, a ringed gas planet hung in the sky above. Within the next moment a clapping sound could be heard with an amused voice seeming to echo from everywhere before appearing to come from one place, directly behind him. "You know I really must congratulate you on your accomplishment, the continuum never expected any humans to move beyond warp drive." A smirk appeared on anthony's face as he recognized the voice.

Turning to face the speaker anthony looked him dead in the eyes, a calm but expectant expression on his face. "So, the infamous Q, we finally meet."

Q's face frowned at that, here he was hoping to have some fun but clearly that was not on the itinerary.
"So I see you've heard of me."

Anthony sat down on one of a pair of flat rocks gesturing for Q to sit upon the other. "I suppose you could say that, honestly I'm surprised you didn't show sooner." He paused before continuing "you see I honestly expected you to show as soon as I showed up here, a person who doesn't belong here, intruding in the galaxy and local multiverse cluster guarded by the continuum... it certainly seems ambitious doesn't it?"

Q's face appeared smug again, albeit cautious. "Well it's not like you haven't been under our watchful eye..." Anthony interrupted Q before he could go on. "Oh I'm sure, it's just that us pulling space together through a wormhole must have been too tempting not to show more than a visual interest in right? I mean with this my ship can go from here to the other side of the universe in seconds..." Smiling amused at the entity before him anthony continued. "Regardless you're late Q, fashionably so? perhaps, but I was hoping to catch your attention sooner... I actually could use your help."

Q returned to his playful mood deciding this was worth hearing "oh really, you need my help? what could you a lowly human need my help for? and more importantly, what would you be willing to do in return?"

Becoming stern anthony took on a serious tone. "Alright look Q, I'm actually kinda stuck here, and this wasn't my original destination either." Q interrupted him this time. "Oh I know, you were going to travel to the universe where the borg are an afterthought and maybe try to chat up some of your favorite heroes." Q's amusement had begun to irritate him slightly. "That's problem one, there's actually another problem, one a person of your particular talents are actually quite suited for..." Q had suddenly glanced in a random direction, an unsettled expression on his face "yeah him, I see you've noticed hotep?, he's been here the whole time, I can't actually see him but he's been a rather large annoying pain in my backside, however if you can get rid of him... well I will owe you a favor, I know just how much you like people owing you favors Q." Q seemed to consider his offer.

"Also... I might be inclined to take you with me, beyond where the continuum has their iron grip on your leash, now doesn't that sound at least somewhat like a fair deal?" Anthony's hand reached out offering a handshake.

"I will have to consider this, but as a gesture of good faith..." Another bright flash and anthony was back on the bridge, mere seconds having passed with no one but Q and himself the wiser. "I'll be in touch." echoed in his mind.

************* Day 160: 00:15:00 ship time - ascension - Captains quarters *************

"Doing a bit of light reading?" a voice came from the chair across the room.

"Something like that..." came anthony's reply "took you a while to show up again, I take it you were busy deliberating with the rest of the continuum?" The tablet was set down on the bed as anthony got up and ordered a cup of hot jasmine/oolong tea from the replicator that had been recently installed in the dozen or so crew quarters on the ship, one of the many projects he worked on to help keep his mind sharp and his attention away from boredom.

"You seem to be making yourself comfortable here, despite the dangers of ever present assimilation." Q stated hoping to get some kind of reaction out of him.

"I'll have you know I personally welcome upgrades and augmentation, but at the risk of sounding rude, what brings you to my quarters this time of night Q?"

"Straight to the point then... you really are no fun you know that?" Anthony smirked as the godling continued. "Your offer has been accepted, you might have noticed the lack of hotep's interference the last few days..." a cube made of some unknown material appeared on the desk, inside was a sphere of light, space somewhat distorting around it before the cube vanished again. "Now about that offer of a way out of here?" Anthony seemed to be looking past Q in thought before responding "indeed I should be able to take you with me when the mbg is fully operational, there's one slight snag, I need a part that's difficult to find in this universe." Q begun tapping his fingers in impatience. "I've been struggling to control/contain the rather large energy requirements just to fold space, let alone bridge universes... that particular component burned out in the accident that sent me here... I just need to retrieve something to replace it and I have a good idea of what."

Q's frown deepened "you're going to steal a transwarp coil?" Anthony set down his half empty cup. "You're damn right I am, with or without you I need that to get home, it's crucial to controlling the unstable vortex that allows me to leave this hell hole."

He continued "that being said, I know how much the continuum hates provoking the borg so I understand if you want to remain strictly as an observer until I can fulfill that promise."

Q seemed thoughtful "no, I think this will be the most fun I've had here in ages, just don't get assimilated, I'd hate to have my newest entertainment end up something so boring."

"Would you like some tea as well Q? It was rather rude of me not to offer." Q stared puzzled at the human's offer of generosity, treating him as an equal instead of in fear or anger "hmm no I'm fine thanks... indeed this will be most interesting." With that Q faded from existence again, his voice echoing his final words.
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************* Day 200: 15:45:10 - Class M Moon, B'omar space - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant *************

The puddle jumper set down gently on the surface of the remote moon the sensors echoing the unique borg frequency that seems to remain on anything they touch, a kind of electromagnetic footprint. Near the edge of a cliff remained a crashed ship, very small, not much larger than a runabout, the markings were mostly warn away by time and weathering but anthony knew what this was after scanning the surface looking for crashed borg vessels to salvage. Sheilding his eyes from the glare of the midday sun he stared up at the ship before checking to be sure the climbing gear was all prepared, then turned to his fellow shipmate and recent recruit Data Soong.
"You ready to do some archaeology mr data?" anthony asked, a wide grin relaying the excitement he was feeling.
"Indeed, let me climb ahead since I can act faster to any changing terrain" data advised.
"Sounds good to me" anthony stated doing a final check of his climbing harness and following the android's path as they began the ascent up the rockface.

It wasn't long before they reached the top, data reached out and grasped anthony's arm to pull him up saving some effort and time. before them stood a decomposing husk of a starship, borg technology decaying but spider webbed across the access panels and hull. Anthony took a deep breath taking in the stale air and paused taking in the sight before him, "the uss Raven, NAR 23450, home to the hansens and the first humans besides captain archer and his crew to encounter the borg." Data paused and turned around to look at anthony, confusion present on his face "sir? I don't believe I recognize previous encounters with the borg before Q sent the enterprise to encounter them."
"I'm not surprised Mister data, the information was classified, I only know about it because of my outside knowledge of federation history... incomplete as it is."
"sir?" mister data seemed even more confused. "look it's better not to ask, you wouldn't like the answer I'd give you, think of it as an extension of the temporal prime directive."

Time seemed to move slowly as they went over the ship checking storage compartments, closets, replicators, anything that might be hiding some small piece of useful technology, data managed to get power going to the ship's computer core and they downloaded the entire ship's database before heading back, but not before Anthony placed a tracking beacon on the ship, they would be beaming the wreck into the cargobay for salvage before moving on. A few hours passed as they made the long trek back to the puddle jumper they'd used to come down to the surface, a storm was brewing on the horizon and both of them wanted to get back on board the ascension before something else showed up to find out why a ship was in orbit of this remote moon. on the way back to the ship anthony was skimming the database, searching for one piece of tech in particular, something useful if they were going to steal something from the borg without getting caught. "found it!" anthony exclaimed in excitement before handing the data padd over to his android compatriot. "fascinating, you believe we'll be able to use this to remain undetected and move about the borg vessel?" data asked a bit surprised at the schematics before him. "indeed, more than that with some tweaking we can move through borg force feilds and get right to the transwarp coil, we're almost ready to get out of here" anthony explained.

************* Day 230: 10:15:30 - Ascension - Fabrication room - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant *************

the room was humming with the sounds of energy arching through the air and welds being finalized as metal was being fused to metal, a large ring sat within a pedestal, stairs leading up to the aperture. computer aided robots zipped around the room moving parts from the fabricator, the ring's structure being finalized as it was eased from the force fields holding it in place onto the support struts designed to allow it to be held but easily ejected in case of catastrophic failure. "Alright mister data I think we're ready, activate the shunt and begin powering up the MBG, let's hope this works."
a swift nod from the android was all the reply he needed as anthony took long strides back, the large tesla coils on the outside of the ring acting as a focus for the massive energy being channeled by the Multiversal bridge generator into the fifty foot space within the ring. Suddenly a sphere of space/time began to form within the ring bending light around it before it stabilized, the bridge linking two points across a rather small distance, the technology still fairly limited. Anthony quickly activated the probe that was sitting behind him and guided it through the barrier gathering telemetry as it traversed the wormhole before arriving at the other end. seeing the atmosphere as breathable he decided to step through himself instructing data to re-open it in about 20 min so that the MBG could gather enough charge.

The transition was intense, space/time folded in on it's self and in an instant Anthony was both everywhere and nowhere at once, still remaining whole however he suddenly found himself exiting on the other side of the wormhole taking note that the test was successful, the ship remained in orbit above the surface in case of emergency but there were no large predators detected on the planet so the chance of that was slim so long as he was careful. After the 20 minutes passed space seemed to ripple and fold as another wormhole opened allowing anthony to return to the ship, a successful test and proving the first one wasn't a fluke of some kind. "Congratulations mister data, I believe we've done it, like really done it!" anthony's excitement was difficult to mask as he tried to calm himself, the intensity of wormhole travel was still quite extreme but there were no side-effects that he could tell other than a serious rush and the build up of a light layer of frost along his body which quickly melted in 65* room.

************* Day 230: 14:25:10 - Ascension - Meeting room - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant *************

The lights were dimmed in the room as the 3D holographic projector hummed to life showing a model of a cube shaped object, protrusions and indents extended all across the surface with no signs of entry other than a large circular hatch on one side. 3 people sat in the room, Anthony, the human who's currently in charge of the ascension, Data Soong, an android rescued from the void after the destruction of his previous vessel, and the uss voyager's EMH, his program rescued from the decaying corpse of the lost vessel, never to return home. the three men sat down at the conference table as they planned out their next move now that everything they needed was in place.

"I don't need to tell either of you how dangerous this is, if the borg even get a hint that the ascension is nearby they'll be on her like flies to feces." Anthony stated, his tone serious as he explained the plan. "So Here's the deal, mister data I'm going to need you to keep watch and get us out of there in a hurry, you're the only one of us strong enough to actually fight the drones hand to hand." data nodded for him to continue. "Doc, I'm going to need you to operate the Space bridge, we've got a very small window and I need you to activate the bridge to get us out of there as quickly as possible, if all goes well they'll notice something missing but won't get more than a glimpse that we were ever there." the doctor nodded accepting his job quickly when suddenly there was a bright flash and a 4th person appeared in the room. "Might i interject on your little pow-wow?" data paused recognizing the voice and immediately readying himself for action, anthony however leaned back and observed the man in the starfleet admirals uniform. "nice of you to show Q, you're late again you know."

the other two men gave each other confused looks as anthony and Q watch each other carefully. "can I get you some tea? maybe a slice of chocolate cake? or ten..." that remark caught Q's attention again causing him to wonder just how this human knew so much detail about everyone here, then smirked accepting the offer. "so what brings you to my humble ship here today?" Q's stare softened a bit relaxing his normally cocky attitude. "well actually I just wanted to see how things were going, you were taking a while, and certainly picard never took so long to execute a plan as exciting as this." Anthony just gave Q a look of mock surprise. "What can I say? I'd rather keep my atoms where they are." Q nodded back, a gesture motioning him to continued, anthony then turned to his crewmates. "Q is here to observe, to keep us out of trouble so to speak... we're also his ride once the mbg is repaired."

the two artificial sentients discussed this for a moment before anthony interrupted them. "a bit late to discuss this I'm afraid guys, but this is our only way out of this hell, the plan will proceed as discussed, anyone have any concerns?, No? alright then, let's get this going."
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thanks for continuing your efforts here , spook !
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************* Day 300: 10:15:32 - Borg Sphere - Unknown - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant. *************

Mission log: Day 15:
I've been on this Borg sphere for just over two weeks now studying the movements of the various drones. My mission? to recover a transwarp coil from one of the transwarp drive chambers on the ship, there are six in total spread out equidistant from the central power core and I've been camping out by this one for over a week now waiting for them to drop their defenses long enough for me to steal it and signal data to bridge me out of here.  To hide this long I needed special tech, luckily the Hansens were still just as borg crazy as in the original timeline however Janeway never recovered 7 of 9 in this reality so unfortunately I don't have any help other than what bits I've been able to gleam from a few wrecks here and there and what they gathered.  I'm wearing a special spec-ops stealth suit based on a mixture of SCG, Goa'uld and federation designs with a few tweaks of my own, good thing that Goa'uld super soldier armor was in the SGC database, it's cloaking device came in super handy.

Within the past week alone I've traveled maybe 400 meters dodging patrols and scouting out the least defended portion of the ship, been nearly caught twice, and had to wait out a planetary assimilation as people were brought on board and assimilated.  Things have not been great but on the up side the acension isn't far off, just within range for the QEBC to stay in contact, I give regular updates to my companions to make sure they know I'm still alive and kicking despite being in the lions den... yeah I'm not going down that easily ya borg bastards. my main concern now is the borg picking up another space-bridge and immediately locking down the area... can't have them stealing this tech or I might be putting other realities in danger.  Well here's hoping I get out of this without being droned.

End log

Anthony finished entering his log entry and stood up, he'd been waiting for an opportunity to present it's self and nabbed a drone near the shield barrier still in it's regeneration chamber, a quick subdermal probe was inserted below the armor cavity and the drone activated to perform routine maintenance on the transwarp drive.  Following it a good ten feet the drone walked right through the shield as it flared to allow the cyborg entry into the more secure area of the ship the shield frequency immediately feeding into the cloaking field around the stealth tactical armor anthony was wearing. "Got it, now to see if I can slip past like they do on the show."  Stated anthony quietly in case the ship had audio sensors as well to pick up invisible intruders, moments later the shield flared and he found himself on the other side of the once impenetrable barrier.

Following the drone to the inner transwarp coil chamber he watched as the drone entered commands on the console then left, the room mostly empty save for the invisible thief of course.  Anthony took out a modified laptop with some nifty interface tech he grabbed from the stargate universe and began trying to interface with the borg ship a tricorder setup as a remote warning beacon in case he got company.  15 minutes passed before the computer finished chewing through the codes and he scrolled down until he found the one setup to deactivate the coil for replacement, with that the shielding around the coil dropped as did the container with the coil rising up on a central pedestal.  Nabbing it quickly he entered the command indicating that a replacement was needed but not essential unplugged and slipped past the forcefield again, the transwarp coil in the backpack attached to his stealth armor.  "Mr data you there?" Stated anthony as he prepared to get to the evac point, "I'm reading you" stated the android, an unusual determination in his voice I don't remember him having that emotion on the show thought anthony before continuing.  "Prep evac in 10 minutes I'll be at the coordinates to get to the space bridge aperature, we have to keep this short."  "Understood sir" stated the android.

Anthony moved swiftly through the corridors of the borg vessel, maze like in it's construction before reaching the agreed upon area and waited until space began to warp and bend near the open area around the middle.  "Damn it they opened it up too far from the platform!" shouted anthony before taking a few steps back and making a running leap towards the wormhole directly in front of him. Drones began swarming into the area with alarms going off throughout the ship as he fell into the space-bridge and landed with a roll down the ramp on the acension.  "Shut that thing down!" anthony commanded as scanning beams began filtering through the space-time anomaly linking the two ships, within a few seconds the entire thing collapsed in on it's self with a thunderclap and he gave the command to transition back into subspace.  The Holographic doctor ran over to him and began performing medical scans to make sure nothing else followed him through before helping him up.

Data Soong ran over from the control platform along with Q who had been watching the whole ordeal with a calm but interested face.  "What happened?" anthony inquired to the now stoic android "something interfered with the accuracy of the space bridge, sir? Did you get what you went for?" the android responded.  Grinning like a kid who'd just won a years worth of candy anthony pulled the transwarp coil out of the backpack "oh yeah, I got it, get started hooking it up to the MBG, we're getting out of this hell!" Anthony took a deep breath and dug around deeper in the bag "oh and doctor?" the holographic doctor looked up from his tricorder "yes captain?" Anthony pulled out a borg surgical arm "got ya a present too" he firmly placed it into the arms of the hologram earning a look of surprise from both data and Q then turned to look at them both "what? borg medical technology is centuries ahead of what I've got here, could come in handy."  With that he began heading back up to the bridge along with data, Q stuck around another minute snapping his fingers to dissipate the forming wormhole inside the cargobay shaking his head as he teleported up to meet the rest of them.

************* Day 300: 10:25:20 - Borg Sphere - Unknown - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant. *************

The hive mind seemed to go from an endless calm sea to a panicked storm in an instant as a spatial anomaly began forming near the center of the sphere. Warning, unknown spatial anomaly forming in grid 115 subsection 12, dispatch drones to investigate.  The borg had seen something like this before several days ago and determined that this was a technology worth assimilating to further their perfection.  The queen looked on through the eyes of dozens of drones as she saw what looked like a quantum singularity only without the gravity gradient pulling things into it there was a flash as something entered it then the anomaly vanished shrinking until it ceased to be.  "It seems our unannounced guest just left" the annoyed gleam in her eyes betraying her otherwise calm thoughts as her mind connected to the whole of the collective. 

With a mere thought she felt the data from the two incidents flowing through her, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips as she began to understand what happened.  "Redirect tachyon emitters to the location of the anomaly and begin feeding energy into it" thoughts began echoing within the collective will directing it to follow her commands then the anomaly began forming again growing larger until it suddenly collapsed with a feedback pulse of energy killing any nearby drones and damaging the entire section "we will meet again..." she stated calmly before returning to the central alcove directing drones to begin studying this anomaly and try to replicate it.

AN: sorry about the long delay, I've been busy with work and the holidays, probably wrote this about three times before It felt like how I wanted it... also tried to go over it better to deal with some of the errors people have been reporting... suffice to say I need a beta, I'll see about making a request before I post the next part, in the mean time, happy belated Winter holiday of your preferred denomination!
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