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Composite switch for video infeed on dash panel in car
so I'm working on this idea I Had for a further mod to my car's dashboard before I finish installing the CB and everything, the new radio has a composite input used for a rear backup camera but here's what I was actually thinking of using for it.

[Image: CmCeZ55.png]

see I was thinking I could have a composite in to feed from a drone camera, a composite in for my portable computer in case I want to hack in the car but don't want to don the glasses.
then the backup camera (possibly mutliple angles/camera that can be switched between to check blind spots.

then 2 outputs, one to the dash screen/radio/media device and one to an external jack for plugging in a screen if needed (like glasses?)

edit: maybe an extra switch so I can turn the CB's audio/radio audio on/off
[Image: 41%2B-PVoZpzL.jpg]
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so update, I've done a bit of research and this is going to be trickier than I first assumed but not impossible.

first things first.
my radio has a wire that's currently disconnected as my car does not have a wire to detect when it's backing up, that's fine actually because one of my experiments is to apply voltage to this wire to see if it triggers the composite input, right now there's no way to select it manually but if all goes well I'll have a switch to trigger it on and off manually... that actually works out ideally because I love manual toggle switches!  Big Grin

normally this wire would activate when you shift into reverse... but see my GPS already has wireless backup camera support so I might as well use this for something else. Tongue

now the real question is... do I setup my composite switch in the extra space inside the console between the seats or do I mount it to the inside of the roof like a space ship/rv/boat/sub lol.
[Image: 41%2B-PVoZpzL.jpg]
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I like the spaceship idea! Cool
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