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may writing contest
hello everyone, I am SpookyZalost, I'm a recent-ish member here at makestation, and a bit of a jack of all trades in real life.

I wanted to announce something new!, a writing contest, the rules are simple.

#1 bad grammar/spelling = - points (out of 100)
#2 minimum word count 5,000 words
#3 try to keep it to about 15 pages if possible for maximum.
#4 have fun and enjoy!

now that all that stuff is outta the way, there will also be a community poll at the end of the submission period whereby all stories will be publicly available for an anonymous vote, pick whatever one's you like the most!

the submission period is from now until may 20th and the end of voting will be on may 30th

Submit the stories to the main forum, just make sure "May 2015 Writing contest" is in the description so I can find it and link to it here on this page.

the prize will be the respect and admiration of your fellow readers so if you wanted a chance to test the waters and stretch your writers legs this is a great time to do so!

the topic will be chosen at random, for this one let's pick an easy one, the story has to be about or take place on a ship, ANY kind of ship outside of that have fun, OH! and keep the content PG13 if possible! ^_^

and... BEGIN!
Thanks given by: Darth-Apple , Guardian
just a heads up, the deadline is wednesday in 2 weeks! so submit those stories!
Thanks given by:
Whelp... that was a flop, was worth a try though, if there really is some interest though I may hold one for july/august, but only if there's interest.
Thanks given by:

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