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Living Cyberpunk.
So I ended up ordering a new soldering iron with a much higher temperature.
the one I had been using went up to 350*F this of course became a problem when I got around to surface mount soldering because the board is a massive heat sink, my new soldering iron is a Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station and has a maximum temperature of 900*F so as long as I'm careful I can probably solder anything... and potentially do artistic wood burning.

[Image: 14228-01.jpg]

the soldering iron gets here on Wednesday and I'm expecting the Mega amp 2.0 replacement on Friday... so a week later than planned but I'm making more progress! woo!
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Greetings organics.
Zalost the technificer here, and last night before I left for work I received my new soldering iron in the mail.
I'll be probably doing a short unboxing video and posting it here for anyone interested in it...
anyway just a very minor update, I'll be receiving the replacement Mega AMP 2.0 later today... to possibly tomorrow depending on the post office, but they've been good lately so probably later today lol.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Tech-log, date: D7562
Greetings Fleshlings

so here's the deal, sometime tonight or tomorrow I'm getting more parts, while I was working to fix the audio on my genesis, I noticed a host of other problems so sorry about the delay on the tech video but I've been sourcing parts.
Unfortunately the genesis I picked up was a V4 motherboard and not a V1 so while it works and gives me a functioning unit (with slightly better audio I might add), this does not fix my original model 2's audio, nor give me the parts to fix my model 2 because they replaced most of the capacitors with surface mounts stuff and the audio mod is extremely difficult on it...
That being the case I've got a unit that I've identified to be of the correct revision to have compatible parts and between the two I should have a fully working sega genesis model 2 with audio mod.

note the difference in boards:
Gen 2 V 1.8
[Image: 320px-PC_BD_MD2_VA1.8_ASIA.jpg]
gen 2 V4
[Image: 320px-PC_BD_MD2_VA4_171_-_7229B_-_11.JPG]
they pretty much became more of a system on a chip as time went on and were able to make the board smaller.
this makes things far more difficult unfortunately.

this has proven to be much more of a pain in the ole exhaust port than I was expecting due to the age of the systems...
I've learned a ton of stuff though and gained a lot of knowledge and training on board level troubleshooting and parts replacement.
I'm so close! I can practically feel the buzz.

in other news I've also discovered a Geocities/Angelfire spin off called Neo Cities.
it's a free webhost intended for personal pages like what was popular way back in the day, interestingly a lot of the pages are retro video game and cyberpunk/cyberpunk anime themed Big Grin

I'll link a couple of my favorites.

https://mebious.neocities.org/index.html Mebious (serial experiments lain inspired site, really cool design, very retro with that basic but awesome style that was so common back in the late 90's early 2000's.)
https://lainzine.neocities.org/ Lainzine (cyberpunk zine, can't go wrong with that, having read a couple issues I'm really digging the media.)

I may decide to design my own page at some point Tongue

oh and one last thing, if you haven't yet I highly recommend this webcomic, it's awesome!

Drugs and wires

[Image: badge-144x144.png]

until then, Zalost the Technoficer - Derezzing.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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ok so minor update, I've been successful!
the one I picked up is the same rev as my first one, m2 V1.7.
and the audio mod makes a huge difference, no more buzzing on startup, and the sound is crystal clear.
I'm super stoked!
I'm grabbing some gameplay footage now for the after.
and then I'll be editing and uploading my review and tutorial.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Nice find of this 'new geocities' Tongue

Can't wait for the review.
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While I work on the full video here's just the clip showing the modding process.

[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Looks like it took a lot of patience. How long did that take you total?
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about 2 hours, and I messed up twice and had to bypass the mistake, once on the board it's self and once on the audio amp.

as a side note I've finished writing the final script bit going over my thoughts on the difference and the value of the mod.

I've tomorrow off so I should be able to sit down, record that, then complete my review of it and upload it.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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New update to my website, I've been adding all sorts of content to it so feel free to check it out.

probably going to move several of my mod posts from here to there since I can do a lot more with them there.

[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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