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Living Cyberpunk.
so this will be my new journal/blog for the public relating to living life as I do, in this post modern world we live in, one ruled by megacorps, where technology is supreme, the street makes it's own uses for things, and the disparity between rich and poor is vaster than the grand valis marinaris on mars.

hoping people are at least somewhat interested.



life is pretty straight forward to the techie, we blend in, do our best at our jobs, keep the corps happy.
but when we aren't working the fun begins.
I access my devices with a radio frequency chip in my hand for security, I've got monitors both for my terminals and for the various cameras guarding my living space.
I am a hacker in the truest sense, not those nonsense lies they spread in the media.

I am a cyberpunk, I live in that world, where life is hard, people have to adapt to radical changes in society, and those who don't upgrade are left behind.
I support transhumanism, I desire to upgrade and improve myself, H+ will always win in my book.

I grow bioluminescient plants for home illumination, that which isn't illuminated by the technology I keep with me that is.

I dumpster dive for tech when I see it, I fix it, I restore it, I use it, everything has a purpose.
I collect things, old game consoles, old computers, even the oldest of machines still has a use of some sort, my 286 plays some of my favorite old dos games, I love it.

thus I sit here, illuminated in the electronic glow of the various devices I've obtained, this being my first true post, a beacon to those who are being dragged down with me into the abyss, I don't stare into it, I embrace it, and I'm all the better for it.

I am a cyberpunk.

SpookyZalost, Signing off.
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I read an interesting article the other day, it involved using a modification to mitochondria in stemcells to boost atp production.

atp is the fuel source of the body, using it would allow solar powered healing boosts with an on sight needle injection, technology sure is evolving swiftly haha.

it was interesting because I was listening to futuristic music as I usually do, and i had just gotten done reading an article on how 3D printing has made cybernetic limbs far cheaper than they used to be.

this world is going crazy, both technologically and emotionally, and honestly? I both like it and hate it here, mars is where it's at man, spider jerusalem had the right idea ^_^, so I'll leave you guys with an image to make you think.

this is the symbol for evolution, kinda neat when you think about it.
[Image: transmetropolitan-smiley_design.png]
SpookyZ, Signing off.
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That's a symbol for evolution? What exactly does it represent? Tongue
[Image: makestation_submatrix31_5.png]
Together, we can make something awesome...
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eh I'm not necessarily sure honestly, I think it's something like, Moving beyond what is considered normal, evolving to something better.

personally, I feel like it represents taking control of one's future and improving themselves at a constant pace, to evolve into something better.
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so long time since I last posted, since then I've begin working as a contracted tech support person for the DOD and USPS.
I've gotten a car which I've been adding tech to and stuff which is sorta cool.
and I've gotten a basic cyberdeck working with plans to make something far superior very soon.

over all I'm very close to becoming a cyberpunk protagonist, and we already live in a cyberpunk future present.

our leader is a TV show host/Corporate Executive
Corporations make decisions in a shadow council (A.L.E.C.)
cybernetics are more and more becoming real and actually changing lives.
there's neural interface technology that's becoming more common and available to the public.
and Virtual Reality is being distributed to the masses.
over all the future is here, now, in all it's dark and gritty glory.

science fiction is becoming fact.
and life still remains the same as if none of this is happening, crazy right?

that's my current position on things, will update when I get another chance.
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if you're really curious come check out my real blog, it's in my signature  Cool
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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(June 10th, 2017 at 2:53 PM)SpookyZalost Wrote: if you're really curious come check out my real blog, it's in my signature  Cool

Hey, good stuff!
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will be switching to Video blog format, expect videos posted on chrome mountain along with the occasional text entry.
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Ah, looks like your last post is coming to fruition. Looking forward to some vids!
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so question for you guys, what would you call someone that's part Electronic engineer, part scrap crafter, part techie, and part cyberpunk with a bit of tinkering thrown in with random ideas?
throw in a bit of retro enthusiast/Cyber historian for good measure lol
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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A cyberpunk engineer?

Sounds like you're picking a class for an RPG. Tongue
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lol I did finally figure it out, turns out D&D actually had the answer. Tongue

so I remembered this class I really liked in Edition 5E, looked up the name and sure enough the Dictionary description of "Artificer" matched perfectly.

beyond techie, not quite an engineer, sorta like a generalist, someone who's good at making things using technology of some description be it mechanical, electronic, etc.

I like it Big Grin

Originally it was a person who repaired/maintained really big cannons and stuff, fireworks, explosives, etc.

"a skill mechanic in the armed forces."

now though according to Webster's dictionary

"a skilled or artistic worker or craftsman "
"one that makes or contrives "

According to Dictionary .com


a person who is skillful or clever in devising ways of making things; inventor.
a skillful or artistic worker; craftsperson.

I will admit it's a bit broad strokes but I would say maybe a scrap-artificer? lol
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Artificyber? lol I love it rofl Tongue
[Image: oEirbE7.png]
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Cyberfice could be another.,
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