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Fixing things yourself vs paying someone or replacing it.
So over the past few years I've seen a pattern, one that has become extremely annoying...

90% of tech has become throwaway nonsense!

Phone screen cracked? back up your files, toss it, buy a new one.

Car trouble?, Pay someone $150+ an hour to "fix" it on their time.

Computer Not turning on?... you going to check the power cable? nope call geeksquad to make sure you didn't unplug from the outlet again.

the list goes on, and while the first one has been a gold mine of free parts as I've learned to recycle other people's junk one thing keeps coming to mind.
WHY?! why do people pay overpriced "specialists" to do simple jobs, why be lazy and not fix it yourself... not like it's actually difficult... in fact it's gotten easier.

Granted if your TV screen is cracked that's one thing, or you need a new windshield... or you need a valve job on your car or alignment done which require special tools but for the easy stuff, why throw it away? why shell out buku bucks for some college student in a back room to fix it in 30 min and charge you for a few hours?
It just doesn't make sense.  Undecided

it's not like I'm expecting my grandfather to build a PC from scratch but even he does simple maintenance on his computer with defrag and keeping his anti-virus up to date...
I'm not sure if it's society, laziness, or something else but working in tech support the most irritating thing I hear daily is the following.

"Alright sir is the power off?, good! now i just need you to take the yellow cable labeled printer on the port labeled 1 of that box on top, take it out, and plug it back in."

"I can't do that, I'm not technical, I shouldn't be expected to do this"

Insert facepalm with phone on mute while I figure out how to convince them to do a simple trivial task.

BTW, that yellow cable? is keyed, it can only go in ONE WAY!!!!!

these are people in government jobs that literally make the world work Omg

anyway, rant over...

what do you prefer to do? do you try to fix things yourself or do you take it to an overpriced repair shop so they can fix problems that in hindsight are probably pretty easy?
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Fixing things yourself vs paying someone or replacing it. - by SpookyZalost - May 6th, 2019 at 3:12 AM

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