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Recommended Websites - Darth-Apple - November 2nd, 2014

We don't do official affiliations here, but we do support quality communities and services from members. If you're looking for other communities or services that we can vouch for, check us out here! 

Other forums:
  • - a small sims/simcity fansite with some interesting content related to social infrastructure in general. We recommend checking it out if you're interested in the sims series or in social engineering! 
  • - an active, small Simcity fansite with an active chat room atmosphere. 
  • - arguably one of the better general discussion forums around. 
Other miscellaneous websites
  • - a free MyBB host with great support, uptime, reliability, and features. Best of all, they offer unlimited exports on their Icyboards premium plans, so there is no lock-in should you decide to move towards paid hosting long term. 
  • - A beautifully simple image host that supports very large file sizes. Someimage is my primary image host currently. I strongly recommend it. 
  • - If you thought you couldn't get a good hosting deal out of less than two dollars per month, rethink what's possible. T1hosting has a variety of plans designed to suit websites of different needs and sizes. Whether you simply need wicked cheap hosting for a small project or a good alternative to the well known hosts today, T1hosting is worth considering. 
  • - A free ajax chat host. This one is actually mine, so I won't brag too much, but if you need a decent chat room for your community for free, come check us out! Big Grin
Please note that being added onto this list is not something that is available by request. Please consider posting in our official advertisement section instead. 

RE: Community Affiliates - Clayton - November 4th, 2014

I can say many positive things about all of these sites for hours, they are all ran by quality people, and the hosting sites have great deals, if you are a visitor stumbling upon this, I would definitely give these places a try! Smile