Full Version: NCAA Football Season 2017
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ya it has totally thrown the entire BIG 10 into football late season chaos !!
I'm loving it! Big Grin College football is crazy.
i am not sure what the thursdays games might be on tv ?
Not any good ones, or ones I care about. Sad
there is even a game on tonight .. i think this is when it reaches its tv- peak , with games even on Tuesday and wed's Smile
Wow Tuesday games.... wonder how that impacts players.
Ya Guardian, these early week games almost always involve the MAC conference.. I have some interest and know the teams some from watching it for so many years now..
Good exposure for them I guess. Games on when there's no competition, always gives someone something to watch.
ya when your borderline football funatics like us, you want a game on every night of the week if possibe !
Yeah, now if we can just get some Monday college games. Tongue
Monday is likely the rarest day to have a college game played Smile
(November 10th, 2017 at 5:30 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]Monday is likely the rarest day to have a college game played Smile

Yeah... :Tongue get it. Still wishful. 

Well, unless it's the National Championship game. Those always seem to be on Monday....
fairly good game on here tonight, temple and Cinny
But trying to go bowling later Smile
Ooh, have fun with that. Doing some yard work getting my rabbits cages prepared for the winter.

After that, the Alabama-Mississippi State game. Smile
Pretty good Iowa State - Oklahoma State game right now. Just ties up 42-42 with 5:55 left.
ya this really is one of the best weekends so far for quality college games..
Just waiting for the "Biggie" to come on, Miami VS Notre Dame !!!
I've must two full weekends of college football. Sad

Got some catching up to do. See Miami put Notre Dame in their place!
Ya, here in Florida we need to ride Miami now.. Although i think central florida also continues to be undefeated !
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