Full Version: NCAA Football Season 2017
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(November 20th, 2017 at 1:56 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]Ya,  here in Florida we need to ride Miami now.. Although i think central florida also continues to be undefeated !

Don't sleep on Florida Atlantic! Clinched CUSA East Division and now host the CUSA Championship game! Also beat Florida International to take back the Shula Bowl.
wow ya !,

Florida Atlantic !, was the team my brother and I were trying to recall but apparently had forgotten about,

thanks man !
They're fun to watch now. Probably my favorite Florida team now. They're going places.
yes they are Smile

but tonight I am watching the Egg Bowl !
Missed that one. Ole Miss has been surprising once they get their act together.
now that bama losses, the final 4 is in question now, Guardian..

and Ya Ole Miss made me proud Smile
Ugh. Just... disgusted. Alabama deserved to lose that game. Didn't play well and terrible playcalling. Disappointed.

Glad FSU beat Florida though.
Looks like Florida has a new coach.

Crazy changes on the coaching carousel today.
yes thanks, i think i knew about the florida coach for a awhile now
Tennessee let their coach go before he even signed the papers.... this is a crazy carousel.
well as it turns out, i did not know about the florida coach, .. this was actually quite the pleasant surprise for me Smile
Did the 4 teams get in that you wanted, Guardian ?
Alabama did, I'm happy about that. Overrated OSU was left out, so yeah, I guess I am happy.
ya my brother and I both wanted bama to get in also..

thanks for your comments here , Guardian
Yeah man. Going to be a fun bowl season!
ya the bowls will start sooner than you think and of course there is 39 of them to watch man Smile
(December 6th, 2017 at 2:22 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]ya the bowls will start sooner than you think and of course there is 39 of them to watch man Smile

Can't wait! Until then...

Go NAVY! Beat Army!
Bowl season starts today!!!
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