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Could women do a better job?

If you look at the state of the world right now and you look at who is behind it you will see men and behind those men is women doing all the menial stuff. l think that most of us women are more compassionate with the exception of a few (rice and clinton)Big Grin and l truly think we would be more peaceful, some might argue that the power might drive some crazy like it does with the men but l don't think it would. A sisterhood of female leaders looking out for each other would be really cool l think, no war, no starvation and business flowing in all directions but l know that will never happen as the men would not allow itAngry.
I do believe women in general can be more loving, caring, tender and compassionate. But women who have a agenda and are angered and crossed I find can be much more devious, relentless and down right more brutal. Dont think society would be necessarily better with women in control if they are leftists like Nancy Pelosi.

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